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Following the footsteps of the movement that took the social media world by storm, another rising platform is now on the tip of everyone’s tongues.

Yes, its none other than Vigo Video. With Vigo videos whatsapp status going viral like wildfire and on other media websites, more and more users are still reported joining the platform and trying it out.

Vigo Video is essentially a social network, especially for short videos  where users can share moments from their daily lives with friends, family, and to other users all round the globe.


The viral Vigo videos whatsapp status shares a range of normal people doing hilarious acts to professionals showcasing their eye-popping, artistic talents in just 15 seconds.


With a wide selection of special effects camera and lots of cute stickers, users can capture and create their own funny short videos and turning them into viral Vigo videos whatsapp status. Sharing is caring, which the Vigo recognizes and allows to discover and meet all other fun users having similar interests while the users are sharing their life moments.


The USP of the platform is what the developers call “15 seconds to fame”, encouraging the users to showcase their creativity talents in a matter of 15 seconds with those other users, eyeing from all over the world and turning your life moments into aesthetic,cool and artistic 15 second videos using Vigo’s sublime and fast editing tools and options ,whether the genre of the moments is dance, cooking, beauty, art, comedy, music, pets and anything one could possibly think of. 15 seconds of creativity and shared as viral Vigo videos whatsapp status and on all major social media, garnering millions of eyeballs toward the same.


The variety of animated stickers and special effects users are given to toy and experiment round with can be added to the videos. Creating unique, individual looks is just effortless, a breeze, with what the platform says “just one touch and never get boring!”All these cool, eye-grabbing features packed in one video editor.
Just following the patterns of  TikTok, which has been makng headlines since last year, users on Vigo are going out of their ways to create bone-tickling, out-of-the-box moments, and in the process, witnessing being as viral Vigo videos whatsapp status.

A lot of adventure sport enthusiasts have also been observed sharing their moments, taking part in those dangerous, eyeball popping stunts and going to fame in 15 seconds. Food connoisseurs, professional chefs and a lot of street food vendors were also seen, flaunting their talents by flipping their lip-smacking dishes on fire and pans.

Vigo video’s  real-time beautification camera can also magically smoothen your skin by remove the blemishes, evening out skin tones and enlarging your eyes while capturing your moments and while live-streaming. All these exciting features giving your short video a flawless and what Vigo call it ‘a porcelain look!’

Meeting new people having shared interests in your geography and also around the world is possible with Vigo video. Vigo also encourages users to collaborate with other creative and fun people round the globe and eventually growing the fan base.VIRAL VIGO VIDEOS WHATSAPP STATUS

Vigo has a dedicated team of professionals that promise to help promote your videos to the right audiences. With their advanced machine algorithms and our data analytic experts, striving to give users a boost to reach the right fans is also one of the objectives of the app. Hence, it comes as no surprise that even the ordinary population is growing to fame with their Vigo videos becoming viral, taking them to fame in 15 seconds is really a modern wonder and crazy, hilarious, interesting, attention-grabbing 15 second viral Vigo videos whatsapp status and social media are going to keep users at their tiptoes for quite some time now.

Watch and download VIRAL VIGO VIDEOS WHATSAPP STATUS  here :


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