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Attitude Status In English & Hindi: Attitude Quotes, Attitude SMS

  1. I have an attitude, not ego. Know the difference between both.
  2. Sometimes patience has limits.
  3. I don’t like to pretend what I am not, because I know I am the best.
  4. I accept I am lazy but not dumb.
  5. If you are I am good, but if you are bad I am very bad.
  6. I don’t live alone because no one is there for me but I live alone because I love it.
  7. If you hear bad things about me then come to me tell you more.
  8. I don’t have an attitude! Well, I just have a personality you can not handle.
  9. If you think I am bad, fine I would love too.
  10. I think I stepped over something, oh god! It was your attitude.
  11. You say you are a player, well then, I am a coach.
  12. If you think you are bad? Oh boy! I am you dad
Attitude Status

Attitude Status in English

That phase has passed when we wanted to get you after looting everything, now even if you meet in free time, then do not confess!…

One has to keep a liver in his chest, not having a gun in a small hand makes everyone a don of slum…

You were in love so gave you a sense, otherwise, I have done a Ph.D. in ignoring…

The one who had to remain in the position accidentally kept it in his heart…


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