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Pulwama Attack Images

Pulwama attack is considered to be the biggest terrorist attack after the terrorist attack on Uri Base Camp in 2016. 37 jawans have died in a suicide attack in Pulwama on Thursday. After this attack, some pictures were also revealed which are shocking … By seeing these pictures, it can be easily guessed what the terrorists’ plans must have been. Let me tell you that a car filled with IED collided with a bus in the CRPF convoy in which Indian soldiers were sitting. As soon as the collision took place, the bus was washed away and 37 soldiers laid down their lives. The terrorist organization named Jaish-e-Mohammad has claimed responsibility for this attack. The sound of the explosion in the attack has been heard up to 10 kilometers away. After the attack, the raids of security forces are going on in Srinagar. A search operation is going on in the villages and sources are reported that many suspects have also been taken into custody. If you are seeking Pulwama Attack Images, then this article is for you. Here we have listed some unseen images of Pulwama attack. Let’s explore…

जो न दिन , न रात कहते हैं,
जो हर दु;ख को हस के सहते हैं,
लगा कर सिना दिवार कि तरह,
देश कि हिफाजत करते है,
सलाम है मेरा उन बिरो को,
जिस के नाम से हि दुश्मन डरते है

अजल से डरे वो जीने को
जो अच्छा समझते है!
मियां! हम चार दिन की जिंदगी
को क्या समझते है!!

जो देश के लिए शहीद हुए
उनको मेरा सलाम है
अपने खूं से जिस जमीं को खींचा
उन बहादुर को सलाम है…..

देश के जवान भिगोकर लहू में वर्दी कहानी दे गए अपनी,
मोहब्बत मुल्क की सच्ची निशानी दे गए अपनी,
मनाते रह गए वेलेंटाइन-डे यहां हम तुम,
वहां कश्मीर में सैनिक जवानी दे गए अपनी

लोग गुलाब देकर
मोहब्बत जताते हैं और
हमारे सैनिक अपनी
जान देकर देश का
कर्ज अदा करते हैं

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