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Valentines Day Images HD 2020

Valentine’s day is considered to be a day of love and today to bring that love further, I have brought you the best collection of Happy Valentine Day Images, which you can share with your loved ones.

On this day, all lovers express their love by sending cards to each other, sending flowers, giving sweets, giving chocolate. On this day, everyone expresses immense love in front of their partner.

This day is the best day to express your love. Throughout Valentine’s Week, you express your feelings of love and then on Valentine’s Day you express your love. Valentine’s Day is especially used to exchange love letters.

In America, the greeting card association estimated that more than one billion greetings are sent all over the world. This day is celebrated as the biggest day of sending cards.

That association also estimates that men spend more money on this day than most women. This day is a holiday in America, this day is celebrated as a holiday there.

The popularity of Valentine’s Day is highest in America but now its popularity is worldwide. Here in this article, we are going to share Valentines Day Images which you would certainly adore.

Why is Valentine’s Day celebrated?

Valentine’s Day is originally named after Saint Valentin, but there is no historical information about Saint Valentine.
There is not a lot of opinions about Saint Valentine. In 1969, eleven saints were confirmed to be Valentines in the Catholic Church and on February 14, they announced a feast as their honor. The most important of these valentines is considered St. Valentine of Rome.

A book called “Oria of Jacobus de Varagin”, which is compiled in 1260 describes the description of Saint Valentine, according to this book, Rome was ruled by Emperor Claudius in the third century.

According to him, the intellect and power of men are reduced due to marriage, then they issued a command that none of its soldiers would marry, but Saint Valentin opposed this order.

Many soldiers got married on the call of Saint Valentin, then Claudius hanged Saint Valentin on February 14, 269, since then love day is celebrated in his memory.

It is said that Saint Valentin donated his eye to the jailer’s blind daughter Jacobus at the time of his death. He wrote a letter to Jacobus and at the end of that letter, he wrote your valentine’s day that was February 14. Since then, Valentine’s Day has been celebrated every year in memory of Saint Valentine. On the pretext of this day, selfless love feeling arises in the whole country.

Happy Valentine Day Images 

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