Privacy Policy


Yoursstatus privacy policy is defined in such a way that no data of the user is lost or leaked. Yourstatus do not uses data of their user without their consent and it does not circulate the data on the internet as it will breaching of the individual privacy .

Yourstatus makes sure that no user shall be asked by any random person for their personal information through their websites.

It has managed to do so by adding its own touch to the interface, and also by creating a very smart your status privacy policy.

Your status privacy policy includes privacy settings, giving user the complete control over who would be able to see user data. By default, the yourstatus is set to be viewed only to you , but the yourstatus privacy policy settings do let user to change that

All the statuses uploaded by the admin and are visible in the category section next to the where the user can view  the status.

The yourstatus privacy policy is hence foolproof and obviously well thought of. The privacy policy of yourstatus  assures people safety and  or story viewing without any concerns regarding violation of privacy being left to spare.