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Attitude Status In English 2020



Attitude, what is an attitude? How can one describe attitude according to him? Attitude is nothing but a reflective shield of human behavior. Attitude plays an important role in the life of a human. It makes the difference of an individual from others in many ways like thinking and it helps you to move forward in your life. It is much necessary to have a good attitude if you want to achieve success in your life. But there are times when you have to be savage to deal with the people who are not happy with your success, haters. Every individual has a different kind of mood and everyone has their own ways to deal. Everyone has their own strength and attitude. Standing today, everyone earns wealth, respect, name, and fame. Who are wealthy they have the attitude of money. Who are smart and intelligent they have their own attitude brought up because of their intelligence, some have an attitude of their knowledge. Some look good, they are fit they have their own attitude. A good attitude makes us who we are but a bad attitude can be the reason for our fall. There are many who are waiting for our fall and one mistake of us can make that happen. The best way to deal with those types of people is to have a fierce attitude. So we are presenting you with some attitude status through the help of which you can show your savageness, fierce behavior, and intelligence.

Status Attitude In English

1. I keep fewer people and fewer expectations around myself cause both can hurt .
2. If I am silent it doesn’t mean that I can’t speak, it means I don’t want to waste my words.
3. Keeping distance is necessary to keep them close.

4. Books give you knowledge but trouble helps you to act them.
5. My intention is not to insult anyone, I just tell them their reality.
6. If you think you are worse, Oh baby! Please I am the worst.

7. My attitude is based on how you behave with me.
8. I am only available for those who really need me .
9. I don’t like any relations, cause relation makes a person weak.

10. If you wanna go just go, wanna come in just come. But don’t stand in the middle your interrupting others.
11. Sometimes it is better to be yourself.
12. I don’t like to forgive anybody, I like to forget that they ever existed.

13. No rooms in my life for fake and negative people.
14. I have an attitude, not ego. Know the difference between both.
15. Sometimes patience has limits.

16. I don’t like to pretend what I am not, because I know I am the best.
17. I accept I am lazy but not dumb.
18. If you are I am good, but if you are bad I am very bad.

19. I don’t live alone because no one is there for me but I live alone because I love it.
20. If you hear bad things about me then come to me tell you more.
21. I don’t have an attitude! Well, I just have a personality you can not handle.

22. If you think I am bad, fine I would love too.
23. I think I stepped over something, oh god! It was your attitude.
24. You say you are a player, well then, I am a coach.
25. If you think you are bad? Oh boy! I am you dad

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