Cute Status


Cute Status

Hello, friends today I am sharing a collection of best cute status for people to share online to any site. You can easily share these statuses on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc. Just click the share button as shown in the below of cute status. Thanks, friends visit again. I share romantic status on daily bases. So friends Enjoy this collection of cute status in Hindi and share with your friends who love you very much. So if you love this collection of cute love Whatsapp status then share on Whatsapp and other platforms.


cute status

Cute Whatsapp Status For Friends


Today’s Joke A Girl Said….Trust Me…



Don’t Worry I am There Na



You Will Always Have A Special Place In My Heart No Matter How Much You’ve Hurt Me



When You Are With Me I feel Perfect…



Unfriend On Facebook Is Modern Way Of Katti…



I Always Miss My School Days…



There Is Always Someone Who Cares About You Without Reason…




What You Think Of Yourself Matter Much More Than What Others Thinks  Of You..



When Boy Smell Good It Makes Them 100x More Attractive….



I Think A Lot, But I Don’t Say Much….



Music Helps Me Escape From Reality I Live In…



You’ll  Never Find Somebody Else Like Me…



All The People Around Me Are Falling In Love And I am Just Falling Asleep…




I Wonder Who Is Is Still Going To Be My Side In 10 Years…



I’m The Type Of Person Who Would Drink Hot Chocolate  During Summer And Eat Ice Cream During Winter…



The cute relationship is …
when someone is angry and says I will never talk to you.
And later comes back to you to just inform you ….. I am still angry.



Leave your ego, image, and status at the door, and bring your kindness, humor and real you to the table.
Life’s full of fakers, too frightened to be themselves – keep it real – it’s far more attractive…



Everything means Nothing if I ain’t got U..



Always know that.. I’m Urs nd U r Mine..



I can’t help Myself.. U r the One I want.



I say I’m Ok.. but.. I guess I’m a Liar..



It’s killing me to say.. I’m Fine…



Since I met U..
My days are brighter..
My nights are happier..
My thoughts are positive..
And.. My life is easier to live..




Words can’t explain My feelings towards U..



I found a home between Ur arms..



It’s raining.. and I miss U..



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Hey U.. reading this.. can U be mine???



sometimes.. the biggest smile contains the most pain..



U don’t know.. what pain is..



When i close my eyes.. I see U .. when i open my eyes.. then I want to see U.



You can make me the happiest person..



U’re My World.. U’re My Universe.. U’re My Soul..




I just wish U know how much I Love U..



U’re my first thought when I wake up..


Cute Status Lines


I can’t wait to see U again..



I know that being with U makes me the luckiest boy in the world.. You make everything ok.



I just want to make U happy.. Because U’re the reason that I’m so happy..


Guys, cute status in Hindi is very rare and good searchable content on the internet. So when I saw this craze of cute status in English than I decide to share these statuses here. If you like these statuses than don’t forget to share with your friends