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The new status is statuses that people are searching on google or facebook to share on your timeline or Instagram. So after watching this demand for the new status in English, I have decided to share the collection of new status facebook for everyone who is looking for this collection of status. So kindly check these new status love below and give us feedback about this that how much you like these statuses so that I can share more statuses like this on my blog. Please don’t forget to share this new status Whatsapp on your social media accounts. Give us your feedback in the comment section.

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New Status Whatsapp In English



Beautiful Faces Are Everywhere But Beautiful Hearts Are Hard To Find


No Need To Say Sorry Because Broken Trust Can Not Be Fixed



Life Is Too Short To Be Spent On Sleeping



Kill Them With Kindness Bury Them With Smile



I Loved Them But All I Got Is Nothing I Don’t Regret It Because I Did My Best



If They Really Have Missed You Then They Really Would Come. Stop Giving Them Excuses, Stop Lying To Yourself.



Stop Making It Look Better Than It Really Is.



My Only Relief Is To Sleep. When I Am Sleeping I Am Not Sad. I Am Not Angry, I Am Not Lonely, I Am Nothing.



Sometimes Darkness Becomes A Very Familiar Guest Which Makes Light A Strange Friend.



Darkness Is The Only Place Where The Bright Light That Makes Your Eyes Meet, So You Remember That Darkness is Much Better.



The Most Attractive Thing For Me Is Effort. Someone Who Really Wants To Talk To Me, See Me And Make Me A Part Of Their Day.



Every Deep Thinker Is More Afraid Of Being Understood Than Of Being Misunderstood –  Friedrich Nietzsche



I Was  Perfectly Fake.



The Worst Feeling  Ever Is Acting That You Are Fine While You Are Not At All



I’M Possible Nothing Is Impossible



Sometimes You Have To Forgive & Forget. Forgive Them  For Hurting  And Forget They Even Exist.



Keep Smiling Because Life Is A Beautiful Thing And It Is So Much To Smile.



Don’t Lose The Hope When Sun Goes Down, The Stars Comes Out



Being Single Is Not A Big Deal Because Sooner Or Later You Will Find Your True Love



Today Is The Day To Purpose A Girl. If She Accepts That’s Your Luck Otherwise Tells Her That Its April Fool



Love Is The Same For A Poor Man And A King.



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