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Hi Guys Today I have a good collection of best love status in Hindi. I have already publish a collection of cute love status in English before this article. So that’s why today I created a good collection of best love status in Indian language. Share These status with people who loves a lot to you. Also share these status on Facebook, Instagram and tweet.

love status

Love Status – Whatsapp Status Love

Love Does Not Need To Be Perfect, It Just Need to be perfect

Our First And Last Love Is Self Love


Love Is Caring For Each other Even  When You’re Angry

Yes I Am Selfish Because I don’t Want To Share You With People

If You Really Love Her…You Wouldn’t Be Afraid To Tell The Whole World…

3 Mistake Of My Life 1) I Trust Easily 2) I Care For Everyone 3) i Don’t Cheat

Trust Is Love..

Just Be Yourself There is No One Better..

Friendship May Turn In Love… But Love Will Never Turn Into Friendship

When A Girl Ignore You…It Doesn’t Mean She Hates You…It Means You Hurt Her

Fight Is Important In Relationship…

I Am Not Mad, I Just You Love A Lot…

I Love Hard, So My Feeling Die Slow. But Once I Stop Caring You Will Never Get That Back…

Don’t Be Scared To Walk Alone… Don’t Be Scared To Like It

Honesty Is Always One Of The Best Key To Make A Good Relationship

If You Don’t Understand My Silence Then You Will Never Understand My Words

I Fight With You Because I Love You So Much

love status In English

My Weakness Is That I Care Too Much

It Is A Beautiful Feeling When Someone Tells You I Wish I’d Met You Sooner

I Have Always Been Afraid Of Loosing  The People I Love. Sometimes I wonder  Is There Anyone Out There Afraid To Loose Me

A True Relationship Is When Someone Who Accept Your Past, Supports Your Present, Love You And Encourage Your Future

I Tried To Keep Us Together, You Were Busy Keeping Secrets

You Will Search For Me In Another Person. I Promise And You Will Never Find Me

A Real Boyfriend Is Scared To Loose His Girl

If You Love Someone, Showing Them Is Better Than Telling Them

A Women Can’t Change A Man Because She Loves Him, A Man Changes Himself Because He Loves Her

One Bad Relationship Could Make You Never Want To Fall In Love Again

Sometime Quiet People Have A Lot To Say, But They Just Don’t Open Up Anybody

You Are Not Perfect But You Are Perfect For Me

Missing Someone Is Your Heart’s Way Of Reminding You That You Love Them

If She Responsible For You Smile, Be Responsible With Her Heart

We Ignore Those Who Wants Us, Love Those Who Hurt Us And Hurt Those Who Love Us. Well That’s Life

A Year Ago, I Would’ve Never Pictured My Life The Way It Is Now

I Don’t Regret My Past, I Just Regret The Time I Have Wasted With Wrong People

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