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Hey Friends after my whole research on google I have found this topic that I should update a collection of best whatsapp status for people who are looking for these status on google. I know that in these days whatsapp is a very popular in world and most popular thing is whatsapp status. So today I have created a good collection of all time best whatsapp status. So check these status below and also share with your friends and on social media accounts.

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whatsapp status 2017

I hope you may understand someday, That no one could love you more than me..

It kills me every time when I think you will be with someone else, Not me

Raise  your Hand if no one has a crush on you

Having a soft heart is also a crime nowadays

People don’t fall in love anymore..
They just find a temporary attachment who can entertain them..

Don’t judge a book by its cover..
And don’t judge a student by his percentage

Never avoid the Person who loves you truly Because nowadays it’s hard to get a True Love

A Guy is never single,
He always has a secret crush on some girl

Yes I am Fat !!
Because my Mom makes delicious food

The strongest hearts have the most scars

Those who know me, Never doubt me.
And those who doubt me, Never knew me

Sometimes you don’t need a knife to kill someone..
A simple “Goodbye” is enough !!

I am 97% sure that you don’t like me.. But I am 100% sure that I don’t care

When you care someone more than they deserve, You get hurt more than you deserve

The hardest thing is not talking to someone you used to talk everyday

Loving her wasn’t a Mistake..Thinking that She loved me was

A Real Man never Insult his lady in front of anyone, Not even as a Joke

No one in this World can love a Girl more than her Father

No one in this world is so busy!! Their Ego makes them Busy & Find no time to care others.

Whatsapp Status Sad 

3 easy ways to die:

1. Puff a cigarette daily,
– You will die 10 years early.
2. Drink alcohol daily,
– You will die 30 years early.
3. Love someone who doesn’t love you back,
– You will die Daily..!!

I don’t care if you are Black, White, Rich or Poor.
If you Respect me, I’ll give you double Respect

If you don’t care what people think,
You have already passed the first step of success

Every time my phone vibrates I hope it’s you..


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Sadness is seeing your Best Friend close with someone else

I don’t need a Perfect Relationship..
I want someone who will never give up on me

Raise your Hand if you never want to get Married

Happiness is seeing your Mother smile because of you

I smile automatically..
When the speed of my Internet connection is very good

You know what’s worse than a Break Up?
Losing your Best Friend

I trust only three people in my Life:
1. Me
2. Myself
3. I.


Being alone is better than being ignored

Every Girl has that one Male Friend in her life with whom she can share everything without any fear

People start hating you when they can’t reach your level

I don’t need a Girlfriend,
I just need a Passport and enough money to Travel

Friend are made by Heart …Not by the Skin color or Face

Sometimes I save Phone numbers just to reject their calls

I don’t know why but I still care for the Person who broke my heart

Never end your Life for a Girl or Boy.
Your Mother didn’t struggle for 9 months to see this !!

I am damn Happy ….Since I have stopped expecting from Others

Sitting alone is better than being around people who don’t value you

A ‘Sister’ is a Perfect example of a Best Friend
Happy Friendship Day to All Sisters

No matter how strong a Person you are.. There is always someone who can make you weak..

The most stupid thing in the world is acting like a Friend with the Person you love

Some Girls are so good who text first without thinking that I am Girl why should I text first

I hate the Moment when my anger turns in to tears

Never forget your Friends when you are in a Relationship.

Best thing about being Single is:
No Drama, No Fighting, No Heartbreak, No Worries..And No Problem

People who laugh the most have experienced the most pain..

I am not afraid to try again..
I am just afraid of getting hurt for the same reason..

Good Relationships don’t just happen.
they take Time, Patience And two People who truly want to be together

I am a good enough person to forgive you….But not stupid enough to trust you again.

Never leave someone without any Explanations,
They might start hating themselves feeling guilty about Mistake they never did..

A Person who irritates you always is the one who loves you most, But fails to express it

I don’t understand why people cheat..If you’re not happy, Just Leave..!!

Do a Favor to yourself….Stop being so available every time.

‘Hmm’ and ‘K’ simple words..But they can kill the conversation

Technically, I am Single..But my Heart is taken by someone I can’t call mine..

You can Replace me…But you can’t replace the Memories you had with me.

When she wants your time & not your money…She really loves you

Crying is not my Hobby…It’s the last Gift of my Love

Girls Lie, Boys Forgive..
Boys Lie, Girls Leave..

I am the type of Person who will cry all Night.. and wake up like nothing ever happened

Hurt me with the truth…But never comfort me with a lie

Broken Friendship hurt more than Broken Love

Take your time because Relationships that starts Fast, End Fast.

True love doesn’t have a happy eng=ding..
Because True Love never ends

Am I the only person who is online 24/7 But doesn’t chat anyone,
Always scrolling news feed

You don’t need to be Perfect,
All you need is to be Love each other Perfectly

Every Girl has a Male friend who is just a Friend, But the whole universe think he is not just friend

After Breakup, 90% of Girls will change their Number..
But most of the Boys won’t change, Because they have the hope that one day she will text











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