Chandrayaan 2 Landing whatsapp status | India Moon Landing 2019


Chandrayaan 2 Landing whatsapp status

All eyes are on India right now as its second mission to the Moon, the ever so hyped Chandrayaan-2, which was launched from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota on July the 22nd . this Chandrayaan-2 is set to land in the vicinity of the lunar south pole, as soon as early tomorrow. The Chandrayaan-2 mission is comprised of basically 3 main components. These are:  an orbiter, a lander and a rover .

The lander, named as Vikram, according to the latest updates, is currently revolving around the Moon and is estimated to begin its descent on the lunar surface, what the experts at ISRO are saying shortly after midnight. The landing device, Vikram, is housing Pragyaan, the six-wheeled rover of the mission, that is programmed to explore the surface of the moon, for what is calculated as approximately 14 Earth days.

This crucial mission also consists of an orbiter that will revolve around the Moon for approximately around a year. Chandrayaan-2, the scientists behind which have dreamed of placing a rover on the lunar surface, had lowered its orbit around the Moon recently, given just a few days for this historic moment when the lander Vikram is set to separate from the spacecraft.

Chandrayaan 2 Landing whatsapp status 

The significance of this Chandrayaan-2 mission is crucially revolving around what the phenomena or the process is called ‘soft landing’, that is expected to happen later tonight. As the name suggests, Soft landing is one that is carried out to ensure that there no damage to a spacecraft. This ultimately allows the launched spacecraft to remain fully functional & operational and carry out the planned experiments.

One sad perk of this mission that is being watched and awed worldwide is that the landing of the Chandrayaan-2 cannot be witnessed live. The ISRO will just have a graph as a visual which will mainly show beeps. There are going to be no real time video or visuals, as stated by the organization. But there is a large possibility that a still picture shot by Vikram could surface as early as tomorrow morning.

Indian Moon Landing :

Another talking point of this mission is the objective to land on the lunar south pole. ISRO states that this is based on the theory that the Moon was born after a large asteroid crashed on the Earth. The theory also states that the Moon is essentially made up of elements present on Earth when our planet was just starting to thrive.These early elements, that have recorded to be eroded from Earth’s surface a long time ago are still present on the Moon, especially in the lunar south pole region, which has been recorded to have not recieved sunlight for billions of years. Being known as one of the coldest spots on the Solar System, the region has not been exposed to eroding elements. This has lead to scientists believing that the south polar region is likely to contain tonnes of water and elements from early Solar System, that could help us better understand the origins of life.

Chandrayaan 2 Landing whatsapp status 

As illustrated in a video released by the ISRO, Chandrayaan-2’s Vikram is supposed to descend on to the lunar surface by performing a series of a manoeuvres to align itself at a 90-degree angle with respect to the lunar surface, and additionally, identify a suitable landing site for the ship.

Star and Disney India corporations have announced a live telecast of India’s mission to moon, the landing of ‘Chandryaan 2’ on the Earth’s satellite, in an excess of 100 countries on September the 6th . This event, which is truly going to be a milestone, is set to be casted live on National Geographic, who have quoted that “It is all set to take its viewers on a once in a lifetime expedition to witness a historic event in the country’s space endeavours”, in addition to the video streaming service Hotstar, Star Plus and Star Bharat in India on September 6 from 11.30 pm (6:00 PM GMT), one hour before the scheduled touchdown of the Chandrayaan , watch live updates of Chandrayaan 2 landing whatsapp status .

Chandrayaan 2 Landing whatsapp status 

In event of a successful landing of the Chandrayaan 2, it will do down in history as the southernmost lunar landing ever on the moon’s surface. It leaves no wonder why all eyes are on this epic mission, which us Indians and all the people around the globe are anticipating so eagerly.

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