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Your home is where your laptop charger and mobile phones are!

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The performance was attended by fluffy eared ears and funny walruses.

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Take off a corner in a love triangle.

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Tired of sleeping

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The apple is not far ♥  from the apple tree …

When they ♥ are going to hang you, ask for a glass ♥ of water. It is never known ♥ what might happen while it is brought.

it was not you who stole it from me, but I, out of my stupidity, gave it to you !!!

game ♥ manipulator … I wish I could find ♥ a female manipulator!

I’m not vindictive … I’ll write it down!

Funny Status In Hindi

If you easily and simply knocked out the doors with your head, then you are stupid and toast, and not strong and cool.

Do you know who snowflakes are? – these are flies in pajamas !!!)

If you want to eat a spoonful of jam, don’t catch f * a * l * m FLIES !!!

So that your reflections on lofty matters are not interrupted in the most unceremonious way, close the toilet door with a latch …

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she does not hold grudges, she is ready to wait, believes in herself, feels in her heart, loves his smell, remembers every happy moment, worries at the sight of him … who is she-an invention? no! every girl who could love …

Cloning people – expensive

Who is the owner of the house MUSIC or NEIGHBORS ???

yesterday my hamster died (… I loved him very much and will always remember … PS I don’t care about the ratings ** (the hamster just wanted me to write this on

Petya has 12 apples ♥, Lesha has 8 apples ♥, and Vasya has salt in his ass. Who was the last to escape ♥ from the collective farm garden?

Where is our world heading … women throw their babies into the trash … And for this only 1 year of imprisonment …. Yes, these should be burned !!!!

Childhood ends when the priest ceases to climb into the swing)))

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Whatsapp Funny Status

She runs away from the past, but always thinks about it … She does not believe in miracles, but continues to dream … #She says that she is happy, but cries into her pillow at night … $She says that she stopped waiting, but every time shudders from the phone call … and every day I see HER in the mirror …

My cat often shits in the corners, I kick him for it, and it seems to me that he thinks that I kick him because he shits a little!


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At times, too often, we want to ♥ seem unapproachable. Too often we hide our ♥ jealousy, our feelings. Thus, spoiling everything that has not really even begun yet. We fall in love and try to be disappointed in a person, rather than just love him. Thinking it would be easier this way. We are afraid of being rejected, so we do not let anyone near us and do not give anyone a chance. We’re tough. We are strong. We are women …

Having lived for 10 years in India, the Pakistani could not understand why shitty is bad, but shitty is good. But the main thing is why f * cking is worse than lousy, and f * cking is better than f * cking ©

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Sympathy of our time: “Hmm Fuck you “

“the words” “bl * db” “and” “nah * d” “must be made as separate buttons on the keyboard”

Do you want twice as much money? Put them in front of the mirror …

Funny Status Lines

If an ant can lift 10 times its own weight, then 50 grams of ants can be sent for a bottle of beer!)

You need to live so that ♥ others have depression …

Spider-man is not afraid of anyone except the man-sneaker =)))

God .. how rushing me when my mom says “your mother”

Funny Status Lines

… ^^ When a girl realizes her full strength … she becomes a bitch!

why smoke grass and crawl if you can eat LSD and teleport

You put these sad statuses in a special way, just so that he sees and asks what happened …

Funny Status In English

I am what I am, and I cannot be fixed, Nothing to add, nothing to take away. I am what I am, and you can’t force me, Never force me to change something. Maybe someone doesn’t like me like that. Maybe someone thinks me capricious? So what! I will never be corrected anyway, I am what I am, the rest is bullshit;))))

Women are not responsible for those who are aroused…

Beautiful girls should be honking trains 🙂

Don’t feel like ♥ going to work in the ♥ morning? Open Forbes magazine ♥ and find your last ♥ name there. Not found? Then fuck ♥ to work …

Only a photocopy of it can be worse than a photo in a passport 🙂

Funny Status In English

I’ll call you back later, I can’t swear right now.

If there is no sex in the morning, no affection and love – do nasty things at work so that you f @ li all-day

A confident step forward is the result of a good kick from behind.

Funny Status Updates

Funny Status In English

“Monday morning … So he whispers:” “Forget it!” “”

I am sitting here, working. It’s strange – that’s why a 5-kopeck coin fits into the right nostril, but not the left one?

A good office desk just has to support two

What a pain, what a pain, tomorrow to work at 8.00 …

The boss is a beast! He wants us to work for three … It’s good that there are five of us)))

Funny Status In English

So many things to do! I don’t have time to score everything!

I’m smart because I’m very humble, that’s why I’m so handsome …

I listen to music, my mother and my heart … everyone else is talking nonsense 🙂

Once upon a time, there were Oh and Oh, All of them FSUs and tries!

Fb status

“Note at the ♥ work-place:” “Absent for ♥ short time. Very nice peoples ♥ arrived in white ♥ coats and we went to see my new office ♥ with soft walls.” “”

The longest end ♥ is at the working day.

If you postpone ♥ what you can do today until the ♥ day after tomorrow, you will have ♥ two days off.

Funny Status Updates

Ukraine has sent the United States an application to join NATO .. ​​Now Ukraine is waiting for the United States to add her as a friend and mark her on the photos …

Healthy sleep not only ♥ prolongs life but also shortens ♥ the working day

Funny Quotes

How painful it is for me to part, After all, I love you so much … You recently smiled … And now you are lying in a coffin. Everyone around you is crying, And I quietly aside In my fist I squeeze a Photocard in the glass. A stream flows down my cheeks. Girl’s tears about him. They drip on the chest. Nothing can be returned … I wrote this verse and dedicated the most beloved and dear person to me: (((

Whatsapp status

The babayka lives in my bag! She sprinkles gum, opens powder, confuses headphones, hides her mobile phone when he calls, crumples and tears up various necessary pieces of paper, collects tickets from the bus … And in general, because of her eternal mess !!!

For a woman to try on and not buy, it’s the same as for a man to undress and not fuck!

Fb status

then to humiliate yourself and ask – it’s better to shit and be silent

“Chain of ♥ stores” “Cross ♥ roads” “: cross and ♥ buy.”

Women’s wardrobe: nothing to wear, but nowhere to hang.

PPC, a drug addict got into his bag yesterday on the bus. At first I did not believe it, I came home, I open my bag – it’s sitting with%!

Women die later than men because they are always late

I carry such bags from the market – the horses turn around!

Making a woman happy is very easy. Only expensive

a man is like a suitcase without a handle – it’s hard to carry, and it’s a pity to throw out

Funny status for facebook

Funny Jokes

Born to shop – forced to go to work

the logic of a woman: nothing to wear, nowhere to hang)))


-Grandmother! Have you forgotten your bags ?! -Allah Akbar granddaughters!

A girl ♥ should dress so ♥ that a man wants to undress ♥ her 🙂

– Let me leave work early ♥ today, Semyon Semyonovich. My wife ♥ wants to go shopping with me. – In no case! Sit back and work! – Thank you very ♥ much, Semyon Semenovich!

Announcement: buy filters for the bazaar-like an airplane was flying at the Kyiv station, all the fucks were lifted up. and I stole a suitcase

Here can be your advertising

“When will they finally come up with computers that, on voice command,” Fuck! “” Cancel all the last actions ??? “

whatsapp quotes

Word stsuko is tricky. He pretends not to know the word shit by underlining it in red. And if you add it to the dictionary, it immediately shines with its knowledge that this word is abusive and is not used in the literary language.

Toklo that raozbarl and found the claire.

Take care of the keyboard – the organ of communication with the outside world

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Checked: – If you pressed two buttons on the keyboard at the same time, the one that you accidentally pressed will be printed.

In the hands of a submachine gun, because of the soldier! Orders shine, because of the war! He returned home, because of the hero! …

I’m typing 300 characters per minute … really this shit poluchaetstsa !!!

If you know more than one rhyme for the word star – you are a real poet!

Best Funny Life Quotes

I type it blindly. 400 characters per minute. But such nonsense turns out!

buy the keyboard with a running space.

Advice to users: if the printer breaks down, put the monitor on the copier.

I would be good on a T9 computer

It’s not a printer – it’s an ass. He only spoils the paper.

twitter quotes

I print money ….. long live the global crisis !!!

== There is a flash drive, no need to mind === !!!!!!!!

I am typing 1200 characters per minute. Such nonsense turns out …))

A word can offend. And with a dictionary – kill …

Do you like hot girls? … I’m E.g. 38.7 🙂

In Ukraine, a new epidemic: for one sneeze – 20 crap!

Do you want to burn Ksyusha Sobchak? Then press the plus sign …

Husband: – What mother-in-law comes? Wife: – Numbers or x * I? ))))).

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You can always look at 3 things: how the water flows, how the fire burns … and how 15 people build their LOVE! I hate HOUSE 2! Who is for?

why when you read statuses, it seems that they are all about you ????????

They say that when a person is bitten by a vampire, he becomes a vampire … It seems that some people were bitten by a herd of Rams !!!

Girl, how old are you? – 19, – Hmm, but you won’t give it right away. – Well, why not? Ladies !!!


Hmm … to what the world is heading ??? Previously, all the girls dreamed of a prince on a white horse, but now a vampire on a gray Volvo …

Facebook sms

anyone but me wondering how the catdog shit ??

.. where are your ♥ wings that I liked

Why, when a guy has a lot of girls, he is cool. And when a girl has a lot of guys, she is a whore.? Answer: because ♥ when one key fits many locks it is good ♥, but when many keys ♥ fit one lock it is bad 🙂

Vagin, Perdol – sorry Login, Password …

Facebook sms

What is the ♥ name of the place in the ♥ cemetery where the  ♥ watchman sits? – Pets’ ♥ corner…

Nothing limits actions like the phrase: * Do what you want! * ….

Is it interesting to read the statuses and be silent?

I have a question … who’s the answer itching?

“How one must be disappointed in people to call a chainsaw” Friendship””

Facebook sms

Funny Status Punjabi

You can begin your morning brimming with giggling, motivation, or love by conveying Funny Status. In the event that you are the beneficiary or the sender, the Funny Status will consistently set the day up effectively. Interesting Status indication of regard and politeness, yet it can lift anyone’s disposition and cause them to feel esteemed. Regularly, a decent sweet Funny Status from the one you love will improve your bliss as well. Look at a portion of the Funny Status Punjabi here and send them to your friends and family, companions, and families.

What’s the motivation to send Funny Status?

Sending Funny Status is sufficient to tell an individual that you consider them while you wake up, and by wishing somebody a Day, you wish for the Person’s government assistance. It isn’t just intended to send Funny Status, however it is additionally critical to wish somebody daily or time in Person. It passes on that you do want for someone’s prosperity and karma. We should examine the explanations behind sending Funny Status.

Funny Status: Way of Appreciation

Sharing Funny Status is something sweet to show cherish and appreciate each other by doing easily overlooked details. Couples that need common regard now and again end up in a strange manner in their connections. Making somebody unique, and valuing them for easily overlooked details, assisting with keeping your relationship alive.

Funny Status: You may consider the Person

A Funny Status is sufficient to disclose to you that when you get up in the first part of the day, you consider that individual. Having an individual in this quick moving world who considers you initially is something unique. It communicates numerous sentimental affections for that individual.

Funny Status: An Amazing Feeling

At the point when you wake up and see a Funny Quote sent by your sweetheart causes you to feel like you’re fortunate. It causes you to feel fortunate and remarkable. Funny Status is just a greeting for an individual’s prosperity. Getting a Funny Status text structure that is extraordinary to somebody in your life proposes you have a bonus that others need.

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Funny Status Gujarati

You can begin your morning brimming with chuckling, motivation, or love by conveying Funny Status. On the off chance that you are the beneficiary or the sender, the Funny Status will consistently set the day up accurately. Amusing Status indication of regard and civility, yet it can lift anyone’s temperament and cause them to feel esteemed. Frequently, decent Funny Status from the one you love will improve your satisfaction as well. Look at a portion of the Funny Status Gujarati here and send them to your friends and family, companions, and families.

Funny Status Malayalam:

Glad to begin another day and tackle new difficulties when you wake up with an invigorated mind-set. Morning is a gift which each life gets. Sending Funny Status in the first part of the day to your friends and family and wishing them well for the day is a wonderful motion for sure. Wish your companions a Funny with all the exquisite messages and statements we have for you. Funny Status Malayalam is recorded beneath. Send this Funny Status to your adorable Malayali companions.

Funny Status Bengali

It is truly significant that you start a day with an inspirational mentality. It is during the morning when we recall how stunning the world is in the wake of awakening. Possibly envision how superb the day would be in the event that you get a couple of Funny Status from your friends and family. Such wonderful statements will give motivation to your precious to confront the fresh out of the box new day. Look down and look at the stunning determination of Funny Status Bengali and Choose the ones you like the best and send them to your loved ones.

Interesting Status in Telugu

In the event that you start your day with cynicism and in a hurried and on edge state, it will presumably proceed for the remainder of the day and will influence your activity, connections, and in general personal satisfaction that day. Then again, in the event that you start your day decidedly with some inspiring perusing or a pleasant talk around the morning meal table and afterward start your day’s most significant movement when you get the opportunity to work then you set a vastly improved tone for the entire day. So here is some Funny Status in Telugu. Pick the best one and send it to your friends and family.

Funny Status – FAQ

Why send Funny Status for Husband?

A couple relationship is one of the most valuable connections and it needs love, care, and comprehension. The affection among a couple is one of the most grounded love styles in this whole universe. Spouses need their wives to communicate their warmth.

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