Best Funny Status For Whatsapp, Facebook, And Twitter: Funny SMS


Sympathy of our time: “Hmm Fuck you “

“the words” “bl * db” “and” “nah * d” “must be made as separate buttons on the keyboard”

Do you want twice as much money? Put them in front of the mirror …

Funny Status Lines

If an ant can lift 10 times its own weight, then 50 grams of ants can be sent for a bottle of beer!)

You need to live so that ♥ others have depression …

Spider-man is not afraid of anyone except the man-sneaker =)))

God .. how rushing me when my mom says “your mother”

Funny Status Lines

… ^^ When a girl realizes her full strength … she becomes a bitch!

why smoke grass and crawl if you can eat LSD and teleport

You put these sad statuses in a special way, just so that he sees and asks what happened …

Funny Status In English

I am what I am, and I cannot be fixed, Nothing to add, nothing to take away. I am what I am, and you can’t force me, Never force me to change something. Maybe someone doesn’t like me like that. Maybe someone thinks me capricious? So what! I will never be corrected anyway, I am what I am, the rest is bullshit;))))

Women are not responsible for those who are aroused…

Beautiful girls should be honking trains 🙂

Don’t feel like ♥ going to work in the ♥ morning? Open Forbes magazine ♥ and find your last ♥ name there. Not found? Then fuck ♥ to work …

Only a photocopy of it can be worse than a photo in a passport 🙂

Funny Status In English

I’ll call you back later, I can’t swear right now.

If there is no sex in the morning, no affection and love – do nasty things at work so that you f @ li all-day

A confident step forward is the result of a good kick from behind.

Funny Status Updates

Funny Status In English

“Monday morning … So he whispers:” “Forget it!” “”

I am sitting here, working. It’s strange – that’s why a 5-kopeck coin fits into the right nostril, but not the left one?

A good office desk just has to support two

What a pain, what a pain, tomorrow to work at 8.00 …

The boss is a beast! He wants us to work for three … It’s good that there are five of us)))

Funny Status In English

So many things to do! I don’t have time to score everything!

I’m smart because I’m very humble, that’s why I’m so handsome …

I listen to music, my mother and my heart … everyone else is talking nonsense 🙂

Once upon a time, there were Oh and Oh, All of them FSUs and tries!

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