Best Funny Status For Whatsapp, Facebook, And Twitter: Funny SMS


“Note at the ♥ work-place:” “Absent for ♥ short time. Very nice peoples ♥ arrived in white ♥ coats and we went to see my new office ♥ with soft walls.” “”

The longest end ♥ is at the working day.

If you postpone ♥ what you can do today until the ♥ day after tomorrow, you will have ♥ two days off.

Funny Status Updates

Ukraine has sent the United States an application to join NATO .. ​​Now Ukraine is waiting for the United States to add her as a friend and mark her on the photos …

Healthy sleep not only ♥ prolongs life but also shortens ♥ the working day

Funny Quotes

How painful it is for me to part, After all, I love you so much … You recently smiled … And now you are lying in a coffin. Everyone around you is crying, And I quietly aside In my fist I squeeze a Photocard in the glass. A stream flows down my cheeks. Girl’s tears about him. They drip on the chest. Nothing can be returned … I wrote this verse and dedicated the most beloved and dear person to me: (((

Whatsapp status

The babayka lives in my bag! She sprinkles gum, opens powder, confuses headphones, hides her mobile phone when he calls, crumples and tears up various necessary pieces of paper, collects tickets from the bus … And in general, because of her eternal mess !!!

For a woman to try on and not buy, it’s the same as for a man to undress and not fuck!

Fb status

then to humiliate yourself and ask – it’s better to shit and be silent

“Chain of ♥ stores” “Cross ♥ roads” “: cross and ♥ buy.”

Women’s wardrobe: nothing to wear, but nowhere to hang.

PPC, a drug addict got into his bag yesterday on the bus. At first I did not believe it, I came home, I open my bag – it’s sitting with%!

Women die later than men because they are always late

I carry such bags from the market – the horses turn around!

Making a woman happy is very easy. Only expensive

a man is like a suitcase without a handle – it’s hard to carry, and it’s a pity to throw out

Funny status for facebook

Funny Jokes

Born to shop – forced to go to work

the logic of a woman: nothing to wear, nowhere to hang)))


-Grandmother! Have you forgotten your bags ?! -Allah Akbar granddaughters!

A girl ♥ should dress so ♥ that a man wants to undress ♥ her 🙂

– Let me leave work early ♥ today, Semyon Semyonovich. My wife ♥ wants to go shopping with me. – In no case! Sit back and work! – Thank you very ♥ much, Semyon Semenovich!

Announcement: buy filters for the bazaar-like an airplane was flying at the Kyiv station, all the fucks were lifted up. and I stole a suitcase

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“When will they finally come up with computers that, on voice command,” Fuck! “” Cancel all the last actions ??? “

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