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Whatsapp Status Attitude



Whatsapp Status Attitude

Whatsapp Status Attitude is going viral on these days because people are very crazy about WhatsApp status attitude because they want to looks cool by sharing this type of attitude status. So that why I have to make a decision to share the collection of attitude status in Hindi. In this post, you will find all type of cool status that you are looking on facebook or google. So friend today check my WhatsApp status attitude in both language Hindi & English. Kindly share these statuses if you have enjoyed these statuses. You can also check my other Best Whatsapp Status and Royal Attitude Status In Hindi

whatsapp status attitude


Whatsapp Status Attitude In English

In this collection, I will share Whatsapp status attitude In English for people who can understand English only. So check these statuses here below.


A good thing is listening to a new song is that it doesn’t remind you of anyone…


sometimes you need to maintain a distance to keep them close to you….

People are like “MuSic” some say the “TrUth” and rest, just noise…..

I wish I had “Google” in my mind and “Antivirus” in my heart…

Why is “Monday” so far from “Friday” and “Friday” so near to “Monday”??..

Life is too short. Don’t waste it reading my status….

Those who know love has also the risk of knowing pain.

Try to solve your problem yourself …Don’t Depend on other..!

Work until you don’t have to, introduce yourself

Every people are intelligent When he work Hard!

Please don’t get confused by my attitude & personality!

Apni to bass ek hi wish hai…. Ser pe Taaj… Sath me koi Khass Aur is kamini duniya pe Raajjj !!

If people are trying to bring you ‘Down’,…It only means that you are ‘Above them

There are three sides to an argument ….my side, your side and the right side.

A good laugh and long sleep are 2 best cures for anything

Phones are better than GF, At least we can switch it off…

I am not your type. I’m not inflatable.

I’m jealous my parents, I’ll never have a kid as cool as theirs …

“Dream” as if you’ll live forever…Live as if tomorrow is the last one…

Stop checking my status ! Go get a Life!

I’m not changed it is just I grew up and you should try too.

I’m so poor that I can’t pay attention in class.

I never insult people I only tell them what they are.

If you think I am BAD than you’re wrong, I’m the worst.

I always arrive late at the office but I make it by leaving early.

I’m sorry, my fault. I forgot you’re an Idiot

I don’t have a bad handwriting, I have my own FONT.

Not always “Available”.. try your Luck…

My attitude based on how you treat me.⁠⁠⁠⁠

Yeah You – The one reading my status, Get Lost!

I’m poor. I can’t pay attention in the classroom.

When I’m good I’m best, when I’m bad I’m worst.

Save water drink beer.

I’m cool but global warming made me hot.

Excuse me. I found something under my shoes oh it is your Attitude

I’m Not Special, I’m Just Limited Edition.

Everything that kills me makes me feel alive.

Sorry vegetarians we cant pretend.

Life is too short. Don’t waste it reading my Whatsapp status.

Tried to lose weight… But it keeps finding me.

I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by selling my car.

If your bad. Call me your Dad.

What is a Best friend? A single soul in two bodies.

It is better to live alone. There is no friendship with a fool.

Fake friends believe in rumors. Real friends believe in you.

I’m not drunk, I’m just chemically off-balanced

Oh, so you wanna argue, bring it. I got my CAPS LOCK ON.

I’m not virgin, my life fucks me every day.

I talk to myself because I like dealing with a better class of people.

Phones are better than girlfriends, at least we can switch off.


Whatsapp Status In Hindi Attitude


 I will share all WhatsApp status in Hindi attitude here. So check all these all high attitude status in Hindi below. If you like then share these statuses.


हाथ में घडी कोई भी हो, लेकिन  वक्त अपना होना चाहिए


 दुनिया में सिर्फ दो चीज मशहूर है, एक तेरी भाई की Style, और दूसरी तेरी भाभी की Smile.





मेरी उम्र इतनी तो नहीं फिर भी ना जाने क्यों…बड़े बड़े. “Ashique” मेरे “Status”पर सलाम ठोकते है





ताजमहल हमारे लिए बकवास है क्यूंकि…रोज बदलती हमारी मुमताज़ है.

बस , कंठ ही हमारा नीला नही है ,वरना जहर तो हमने भी कम नही पीया ll


कुछ दिन रूकजा # chori … मन्नै # miss भी करेगी # , photo देख के मन्नै # kiss भी करेगी…


भाई degree तो तुझे किसी भी college से मिल जाएगी.. लेकिन knowledge तो तुझे मेरे स्टेटस से ही मिलेंगे


So, at last, I hope that you have enjoyed all WhatsApp status attitude In English & Whatsapp status attitude in Hindi that I have shared here so friend shares these statuses on all social media platform that you are using like facebook, twitter, Instagram and google plus. You will see all social media sharing buttons below.

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Whatsapp Status

Article 370 whatsapp status and memes | jammu and kashmir special status | article 35A



Article 370 whatsapp status and memes

Article 370 whatsapp status and memes

On Monday August 5 2019 Bjp government made a historic decision by scrapping Article 370 of the Indian Constituition which gave special status to the State of Jammu and Kashmir which allowed Jammu and Kashmir to have their own constituition and any rule ,policy or scheme decided by Central Government will not be applicable to the people of Jammu and Kashmir.

Jammu and Kashmir have their separate laws and constituition and departments except for the three departments which are in control with the central govt. that Defence Telecom and External affairs .

Since the news came on Monday morning Artcle 370 is trending all around the internet and Article 370 whatsapp status and memes were circulated on social media sites . People are searching details about Article 370 and article 35 A .

Article 370 which was introduced in 1956 after Maharaja Hari Singh signed the clause 7 of instrument of accession which said that Jammu and Kashmir will not follow any other constituition in India except its own constituition .

Article 35A granted people of Jammu and kashmir double citizenship which means that they were also the citizen of India and Citizen of Jammu and Kashmir giving them special status from rest of the country . Article 35A also forbids any person outside Jammu and Kashmir to purchase land in Jammu and Kashmir .

Article 370 whatsapp status and memes

Article 370 whatsapp status and memes topped google searches after the historic was made people also made reaction videos on this decision .

Jammu and Kashmir was given autonomous status after Article 370 was introduced and There was separate Prime Minister for Jammu and Kashmir till 1965 after which there was  Chief Minister in  Jammu and Kashmir and serving term in Legislature of Jammu and Kashmir is six years whereas in rest of the India the service term is five years .

Article 370 whatsapp status and memes

Article 370 prohibited people of the state to marry outside the state as their citizenship will be scraped and if any Kashmiri born marries someone from Pakistan the Pakistaani will be given Jammu and Kashmir ‘s citizenship .It also prohibited central govt. to interfere in several matters which were active in Kashmir valley and people were not able to get benefits by the schemes introduced by the central govt.

Many believed that article 370 promoted terrriosm due to which there was no development in the state. Article 370 whatsapp status and memes shows the sensitivity of the article in a quite funny way .

The Bjp government scrapped the Article 370 after a constituitional order issued by Pressident of India SHRI Ramnath Kovind to revoke the Artcle 370 of Jammu and Kashmir .

After which Amit Shah introduced the order in Rajya Sabha which said that Jammu and Kashmir will be no longer a state , it will be a union territory with legislature and ladakh will be separate union territory without a legislature

Revoke of Article 370 means Jammu and Kashmir will no longer enjoy the special status which  was given to them and they will be adopting the constituition of India scrapping their own constitution and will be bound to follow all the rules and regulations which are introduced by the central government .

Article 370 whatsapp status and memes

People outside Jammu and Kashmir will be able to purchase land in the state and can marry a person from Jammu and kashmir this new created a huge buzz and social media feeds were filled with Article 370 whatsapp status and memes on purchasing of land in Kashmir .

On August 2,2019 30,000 army was deployed in the valley and Amarnath yatra was stopped and all the devotees were sent back to home around 6000 people from the state were sent outside the state and before the order was introduced , political leaders Omar Abdullah and Mehbooba Mufti were in house arrest and Section 144 of crpc was imposed in the state of Jammu and Kashmir .

Article 370 whatsapp status and memes were shared on a large by some most popular social sites on their social media handles .

Here is collection of Article 370 whatsapp status and memes

Article 370 whatsapp status and memes

Article 370 whatsapp status and memes

Article 370 whatsapp status and memes

Article 370 whatsapp status and memes

Article 370 whatsapp status and memes


Article 370 whatsapp status and memes videos:



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Whatsapp Status

Sushma Swaraj Has Been Passed Away WhatsApp Status | Sushma Swaraj No More




Sushma Swaraj No More WhatsApp Status | Facebook Status| Tweets

Whatsapp Status and Tweet on Sushma Swaraj

One of the greatest leaders and amongst the best foreign ministers of india passed away a while ago at AIIMS on Tuesday. She died at the age of 67. Her last Twitter post was about thanking Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the government’s move on Kashmir stating that she was waiting for this day in her lifetime.

The Congress condoled her death and tweeted, “We are saddened to hear about the untimely demise of Smt Sushma Swaraj. Our condolences to her family and loved ones.”

Sushma Swaraj was an important link between the government and the people. Many political observers viewed Swaraj as a challenger to PM Narendra Modi in the initial months of the government. Sushma Swaraj had a kidney transplant in 2016 and had opted out of contesting Lok Sabha polls earlier this year for health reasons.

Some famous tweet on Sushma Swaraj Passed Away



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Whatsapp Status

Viral Tik Tok videos of 2019 | tik tok whatsapp status | tik tok trending videos 2019



Viral Tik Tok videos of 2019

viral tik tok videos 2019

TikTok, the short video platform that went viral as a wildfire has successfully completed one year on this day. Even though its has been around since 2016, it was a merger with since last August in the form of a unified platform under the former brand’s umbrella. In what followed shortly , TikTok’s popularity shot up making it close to the biggest social platforms in competition with Facebook and Instagram.

Some Viral TikTok videos of 2019 include “Old Town Road” memes of people turning into cowboys after drinking the yee-yee juice (#yeehaw) . it had no match to #oddlysatisfying which ended up as the top hashtag this month. Also a lot of cookie decorating videos and hydraulic press machines crushing candles were prominent on the feed.

Another viral TikTok video of 2019, Mini Brands, a capsule toy that contains miniature, empty versions of branded supermarket items, from Breyers ice cream to Hellmann’s mayo was trending this year. The Washington Post described it as a toy that perfectly illustrates late-stage capitalism. It turned out to be the perfect medium for pranks as they try to convince others that the tiny items are filled with actual food.

The Miley Cyrus’ Viral TikTok video of 2019, based on her fake pop song from Black Mirror, “On a Roll,” found a home on TikTok as teens used its opening line “oh, honey” to create fairly straightforward skits.

A joke that started out about raiding Area 51 to break out the aliens became widespread in the viral TikTok videos of 2019 enough that the actual military held briefings on what a Naruto run is. The hashtag was seen to be going strong, and it probably will until September 20th, when the supposed raid will take place.

India, for TikTok, has particularly been one of the key markets for the app. ByteDance, TikTok’s parent company has been actively rolling out new initiatives and campaigns in the country. The Chinese application has also witnessed many interesting events like facing a potential ban in the country. and TikTok which merged last year to work as a new global short video app, allowed users to create short videos and add music tracks, popular movie and TV show dialogues.

The merger provided users the accessibility to move to TikTok  with all their content. The new TikTok app launched with features  allowing users with the  ‘react’ feature to respond to their videos. The app also added functionalities like gesture filters like the funhouse mirror camera effects and VR-like filters.

TikTok has recently achieved its milestone of a billion downloads earlier this year in February. The popular portal, SensorTower reported that TikTok secured 1 billion downloads globally on Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store collectively. The report also stated that TikTok added 71.3 million users more shortly, worldwide.

Meanwhile,  one year since TikTok launched in the US,  the app has exploded into a cultural force. From helping push a little tune called “Old Town Road” into a tremendous hit to dominating VidCon as the freshest new platform, TikTok’s growth has been fast and relentless.

viral tik tok videos 2019

A huge portion of the app’s popularity in the beginning could also be associated to its hashtag challenges, in which the users filmed themselves lip-syncing or dancing to short audio clips about trending hashtags. The short clips originated from multiple sources being a snippet from a song (which can go on to live in a Spotify playlist of popular TikTok songs), the audio from a Vine (RIP), or a clip from a viral YouTube video. The best  challenges got edited into TikTok compilations on YouTube.

The #reacttothis hashtag got trending with the reaction videos gaining popularity as a standalone genre on YouTube and Twitter. Along with duet videos, which let users add their own videos next to an existing clip, TikTok’s strategy of encouraging users to revisit the old videos to create new ones encouraged users to remix and reply to others, accelerating trends even more.

Viral Tik Tok videos of 2019 Limks :





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