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Punjabi Status

Punjabi funny Whatsapp status 2019 | Sardar Ji jokes for facebook and instagram



Punjabi funny Whatsapp status

Having fun and enjoying your life to the fullest is everyone’s dream and we all want our life to get sorted and simple so that we can make our every moment special and life much more happening there are lot stuff and stress that we go through on a daily basis and we get to get a very little time for our self and sit down to just relax and take some time for ourself . These Punjabi Funny Whatsapp status will help you to get some chill your mood before the hustle.

Punjabi Funny Status for Facebook :

A lot of people want to enjoy the life but no one can literally enjoy the life as the Punjabis do as they live larger than life living every second of their life with same enthusiasm and same energy , the humour involved with the Punjabi is something that everyone should admire and make it a routine in their life so that no one gets bored and stresses out on life as life will work on its pace and there will be ups and downs in the life and everyone needs to learn about those ups and downs .

Punjabi funny Whatsapp status

Ek baba roz gurdware kirtan krda c,
Roz ek budhi lal suit pa ke aundi c,
Baba us nu 
pyaar krda c.
Ek din oh budhi nahi aayi
te baba kirtan krda kenda “sab sangta ayiea gi saade LAL nazar nai aaunde”
ose wele oh budhi HARA suit pa ke a jandi e.
Baba bolan lag pya ‘mann shetal ho gya gi vekh k sangta Harian-bharian..

The ultimate key to relieve oneself
of all tensions has been discovered
by the Punjabis..
It is called

Punjabi funny Whatsapp status

An apple a day,
keeps the doctor away.
But if the doctor is cute..
ki kar lega fruit!!

ਨਿਕੰਮੀ ਔਲਾਦ ਦੀ ਜਿੰਨੀ ਘੱਟ ਸੇਵਾ ਕੀਤੀ ਜਾਏ
ਘਰ ਉੰਨਾ ਜ਼ਯਾਦਾ ਤਰੱਕੀ ਕਰਦਾ ਹੈ ..

Mujrim: Sahib mainu koi eho jehi saza devo
ke lok thoo-thoo karan,
jithe v main javaan lok mainu galaan kadhan.
Judge: Kyon vai, hun badal di jagah tainu CM bana dian.

“Laziness is our biggest enemy” – Jawahar Lal Nehru.
“We should love our enemy.” – Mahatama Gandhi.
Dasso hun bapu di manniye ya chache di..??

Girl to her boyfriend: Can you drive the car with one hand..?
Boyfriend (romantically): Ya sure!
Girl: Taan nak saaf kar le sidla jeha,
kado da vagi jaanda hai.

Kal raat chand dekhney ke baad mainey chand se pucha ki
dekha meri ‘jaan sa haseen’ chand ne kaha:
Pehli gal: inni doroo kuch disda nahi.
Duji gal: mein tuhade pio da naukar nai .
Teeji teh akhri gal: ae KANJAR – KALESH thalle hi rakheya karo,
mere kol leke na aya karo.

Punjabi funny Whatsapp status

Ghasita Hawaldar:Tujhe apna Laptop bada karwana hai..?
Santa : Haanji, but kaise..?
Ghasita Hawaldar: Oh ji very simple,
isme se window nikaal te darvaaja fit kara le..

I told her that i have no jewellery shop.
Still she says, “Mahi Mahi Mahi Mainu Challa Pawaa De..”

ਮੈਂ ਨੀ ਕਦੀ ਕਿਸੇ ਕੁੜੀ ਤੇ Line ਮਾਰੀ__
Bass ਜਦੋ V ਮਾਰੀ ਆ
ਕਾਪੀ ਤੇ E ਮਾਰੀ ਆ
Oh V Scale ਨਾਲ__

Punjabi funny Whatsapp status

Vich canteena da sada kharcha oh karvoundi rahi.
Pizza burger pastrian te ki ki hor mangvoundi rahi.
Chuk vich aa ke gairan di hun paasa watt ke langhdi ee.
ek vaar pi leya si thanda hun 11 rupaye mangdi ee.

Main vi keha usnu ke 15 da tainu juice pilaaya,5 rupaye de samose.
6 rupaye da nimbu lemon,30 rupaye de dosey.
3 rupaye cha de vi ehna ch paiseya vich jod devi.

Sardar Ji jokes status download :

We already have so much work and stress that we don’t create additional time for us to think or too relaxed but with social media we can make ourself a little bit much calmer with Punjabi funny Whatsapp status , Punjabi people are really very funny and the slangs that are used in Punjabi especially those that are used by the Delhi, they are hilarious and make your bone tickle and feel relaxed.

Santa Singh and Banta Singh were sitting on a tree and Santa Singh was singing a song.After 4 songs Santa Singh hung himself upside down and started singing again.
Banta Singh : Santa Singh, what is the matter with you? Why are you hanging upside down?
Santa Singh : I am singing the B side.


Santa Singh: “My doctor told me to drink carrot juice after a hot bath to cure my cold.”
Banta Singh: “Does it work?”
Santa Singh: “I don’t know… I can never finish drinking the hot bath.”

Banta Singh went to an eye specialist to get his eyes tested and asked “Doctor, will I be able to read after wearing glasses?”
Yes of course, said the doctor, why not!
“Oh How nice it would be I have been illiterate for so long” replied Banta with joy.


A Sardarji, very proud of his humour used to tell his wife while leaving for the office: “Good bye Char Bacchon ki Maa.”
One day his wife fed up of this, answered: “Bye Bye, Doo Bacchon Ke Baap.”
That ended the husband’s jokes.


The sardarni asked his lover, Santa Singh, “Santa darling, if we get engaged will you give me a ring?”. “Sure”, said Santa, “what’s your phone number?”

Funny Pics Punjabi :

Each one of us have a funny side which we want to unleash and we want to make everyone with us laugh and forget their pain and stress , there is a humour in the Punjabi language itself and that is why we are able to connect with humour so well and we those Punjabi slangs and Sardar Ji jokes that hit right the heart with a fun adrenaline .


Punjabi funny Whatsapp status


Punjabi funny Whatsapp status





Punjabi funny Whatsapp status


We have the newest collection of Punjabi funny Whatsapp status with all the latest memes, jokes and images that are circulated over the internet with all new as well as all the classic joke that we hearing from our childhood, they are collected and presented you in a single article so you can enjoy it.

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Punjabi Status

Punjabi Song Lines for Whatsapp Status | Punjabi song shayari for facebook



Punjabi Song Lines for Whatsapp Status

There is the only industry in India that produces a number of singers and over thousands of songs in a year other than Bollywood and that industry is the Punjabi Music Industry that gives a tough competition to the ever-popular Bollywood by producing some hard-hitting and groovy songs with very funky and upbeat music. Some of the best Punjabi songlines for Whatsapp status are here to make you feel nostalgic.

Best Love Lines in punjabi songs :

Punjabi industry have produced some of the most talented and legendary artists who has been popular among audiences all over the world like legendry singers Gurdas Mann, Jazzy B and  Hans raj Hans and the new-age singers like Diljit Dosanjh, Gippy Grewal, Hardy Sandhu, Guru Randhawa, and B praak .

“Main jado tere khaab an wale raah tureya
Main turreya bada na maithon jawein mudeya
O jive rehnde panne nal panne judd de
Main ravaan tere nal ohna waangu judeya”

Punjabi Song Lines for Whatsapp Status

“Haaye tu vi kardi ae pyaar, Mainu pata sab ae, Tenu bolane di lod nahin, Tu vi kardi ae pyaar”

“Russeya na kar tu, Sathon reh nahiyo hunda, Koyi dekhe tainu hor, Sathon seh nahiyo hunda”

“Haathan vich heere ne, Chehre ne khushiyan ne, Bas ankh ch nami ae”

“Jugni taar khaeein vich thaal, Chad duniya dey janjaal, Kuch ni nibna bandiya naal,Rakhi saabat sidk amaal”

“Main ik pul hai te tu dariya hai, Main uthe hi hai te tu badal gaya hai”

“Sunne sunne raha vich koi koi ped hai, dil hi udas hai ji baki sab khair hai “

“Yaariyaa laa ta layiyaa ne enna da ki bharosa hai, Mohabataa pa ta layiyaa ne enna da ki bharosa hai”

“Teri Galaan Teray Hassaaay, Teri khushboo Chaaray Paasay, Do Ghardi da saath Yaara, Fer toon jilaan mein dubara”

Punjabi Song Lines for Whatsapp Status

Teinu vich khaba de nitt galwakdi pani aa
main teinu ds nhi skdi
main teinu. Kina chauni aa 😍


Das mera ki kasoor ve tu SukhE oye
Saari duniya ve meri aa diwani
Gaane likhda ni thodde paise laike vi
Gaane mere layi free likhe Jaani


Mujhse jo nazrein churaane lagey ho
Lagta hai koi aur gali jaane lagey ho
Khwab jo dekhe hum dono ne milke
Dhire dheere kyun dafnaane lage ho.

Kar na tu hor barbaad chhad de

Rohndeya da lena swaad chhad de
Je saanu pyaar layi ehna tarsaaoge
Bada Pachtaoge, Bada Pachtaoge

There are many Punjabi rappers who are also very popular in India and Around the world like YO Yo Honey Singh , Bohemia, Badshah and Raftaar who have produced some of the most memorable songs that went viral across the internet and the lines of these Punjabi Songs were remembered for so long and people still the hook lines of these songs .

Punjabi song shayari for facebook :

Punjabi songs get a lot of popularity and have a wide range of listeners not only in Indian but also abroad and that is why Punjabi singer is so popular abroad with multiple shows in foreign countries and with a lot of international collaboration. Punjabi song lines are some of teh written lines with deep meaning .

Sunniya sunniya galiyan de vich rol na deyi’n
Buhe kisi hor layi khol na deyi’n
Sunniya sunniya galliyan de vich rol na deyi’n
Buhe kisi hor layi khol na deyi’n.


Lo main phir ton aa gaya
Chees dilaan vich paun layi
Koi thaan tikaana labh lo
Uchchi raun layi
Lo main phir ton aa gaya


Chaar din de reh gaye mehmaan wangu
Assi wassde taan ya par shamshan de wangu
Kiddan chain naal sona ae
Sona sikha de ve

Punjabi Song Lines for Whatsapp Status

Tere chehre te likheya
Tu inkaar kardi aein
Mainu pata tu mere maran da
Intezaar kardi aan
Intezaar kardi aan


Mainu khaandi roz raat o
Jadon hoye ikamik haaye
Hona chahidi si nahi jo vi
Hoya sadde vich haaye

Meri badi ajeeb kahani aa
Ek raja te do rani aa
Main kihde naal nibhani aa
Allah khair kare Jaani ve
(Jaani ve Jaani!)

Punjabi Song Lines for Whatsapp Status

Main kamla oh seyani aa
Mere karke ne mar jani aa
Mainu maut gandi aani
Allah khair kare


Main rovaan mainu ron ni dindi
Meri shayari mainu saun ni dindi
Main rovaan mainu ron ni dindi
Meri shayari mainu saun ni dindi

Main koshish karda ohnu bhul jaawan
Mohabbat ohdi hon ni dindi
Meri shayari mainu saun ni dindi
Jaani ve Jaani ve
Jaani ve Jaani ve

Bollywood has often being dominated with Punjabi singers and Punjabi songs that are being produced for the Bollywood movies by Badshah, Honey Singh and Guru Randhawa continuously working in Bollywood.

Bewafa Punjabi song lines :

Punjabi lyricist has done some great work in Punjabi industry with writing some of the most iconic songs and most loved lines which we used to sing till date and also that defines love in a very unique way , Lyricist like Jaani, Happy Raikoti, and Nirmaan are very popular names in modern Punjabi industry for writing songs with Jaani being one of the greatest lyricists of all time and delivering a large number hit Punjabi songs that were played all across the nation and have won a number of accolades .

Gal Sun Mere tu mutiyare
Ki samjhe apne aap nu
Mere magaro tu Ki ki kardi
aeh gal bus tu hi jandi
Menu safaiyan pesh na kar
rab kolo thora jeha darr
Sikh ja ke pyaar karne da val
jhoote sang sade ik ik pal
Bewafa bewafa
bewafa nikli hai tu
Ni jhootha pyar, jhootha pyar
jhoota piyaar kita hai tu
Bewafaa bewafaa
Mainu bolan da koi haq nahi
Ae sajna te vi shak nahi
Kyon saza meri bandi si
Rooh judaa hon ton darrdi si

Ajj maafi tethon mangda main
Khud nu sooli te tangda main
Teri mehak aundi ae saahan nu
Jad gali teri chon langda main

Kuch din di zindagi baaki ae
Nit lahu na dil nu rangda main


Ohna todna sikheya
Assi tuttna sikh gaye
Ohna mitaya saanu
Assi ohna layi mit gaye

Jo socheya vi nai si
Assi oh vi likh gaye
Assi aakhir haar gaye
Oh aakhir jit gaye
Oh aakhir jit gaye

We have collected a number of great Punjabi song lines for Whatsapp status download and share them with your friends on whatsapp.

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Punjabi Status

Punjabi Gadar Status – Punjabi Status For Facebook




punjabi gadar status

Punjabi Gadar Status

Hello, Friends welcome back to my blog  Your status Today I am sharing a good collection of best Punjabi gadar status for people who look stylish in their nature. These status are very good for you to post on Social sites like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. Friends These are the unique Punjabi gadar status. So if you find these Punjabi WhatsApp status good then please share these att Punjabi lines with your Friends or at social accounts. In these days FB status in Punjabi attitude is very shareable on the social media platform. So keep sharing this collection of Punjabi Kaim status with your friends Keep Support us. So always share this collection of my Punjabi Gadar Status with your friends. You can also know more about Punjab here Punjabi language 


punjabi gadar status
Punjabi gadar status


Punjabi Gadar Status For Whatsapp  & Facebook

I have written this collection of Punjabi gadar status in the English language so that people who don’t know about the Punjabi language they can easily read this collection of Punjabi gadar status for himself. So read these Punjabi statuses below and give us your feedback in the comment section.

Kudiyan  Nu Ek Salaah Changge Mundeya Di Talaash Vich Bahar Na Bhatko Baahar Bahut Dhoop Aa te Main Ghar Baitha Aa..


Khasma Nu Khaave Jag Saara…Saanu Baapu Da Aasra Rabb Warga…

Benti Hai Bhai Sharaab Pee Ke Facebook Naa Chalao..


Pinda De Munde Har Cheez Mufat Bhaalde Aa Par Ladai Mull Lainde Aa.


Cheeza Warti Diya Chhotu Yaar Ni Warti De…


Pyaar Karna Sikheya Aa Nafrat Da Koi Zor Nai…


Bas Tu Hi Tu Hai Ess Dil Wich Dooja Koi Hor Nai..


Sohne Naa Bano Change Bano…Salaah Naa Deyo Madad Karo..


Ni Tu Baby Convent Di Te Assi Sarkaari Sachoolan De…Ni Tu Punjabi Ch Adde Kude Te Saadi English Weak Kude…

Punjabi Status In English 2019

I have recently shared my Punjabi status in English 2019 here. You can check and share with your friends.


Dimaag Je Tera Kharaab Aa Ta Saada V Kharaab Aa…Kalle Naal Kalla Dekhna Je ta Aaja Aaj Din Changa Te Mausam V Kharaab Aa…

Meri Samile Da Password Tu Ae..

Din Katte Si Sachool Ch Bahaara De…Har Teacher Di Hit List Ch Naam Si Saade 3 yAARA De….

Kehnde Pyaar Ch Neend Udd Jaandi Aa… Koi Saade Naal V Dil Laa Lawo Saali Neend Bahut Aaundi Aa…

Usne Pucheya Meri Yaad Aaundi Aa… Main Kiha Apni Barbaadi Nu Kaun Bhula Sakda Ae…

Ladaai Karke Jung Jeeti Jaandi Aa…Dil Ta Pyaar Naal Jeete Jaande Ne…

Akal Ta Bahut Bakshi Aa Ous Maalk Ne Par Fikra Ne Matt Maar Layi Aa…


Kaim Status In Punjabi

Here is below I have shared Punjabi Kaim status on facebook that is very good to be sharing on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter so check these statuses now.

Punjabi culture is based on giving and they belive that sharing with every one and helping those in needs is that what makes you happy and rich. Their teaching in Guru Granth has always said that they should be always ready to help the needy and poor and if god has given them enough they should pass on to those who do not have those things . Related to the lifestyle of punjabis lot of Kaim Punjabi Status are available on the internet .

Kudiyan De SeenE Wich Thaa Wajda Munda U.P De Jajaayaj Hathyaar Warga

Busy Taan Main Pehla V Si Fark Sirf Ehna Ae Ke

Pehla Tere Naal Busy Si Hun Teri Yaad Naal Busy Aa

Vaade Ghaate Yaariyan Ch Sir Mathe Aa Maafi Ni Group Ch Yaar Maar Nu..

Das Ki Laina Ohna Toh Jehre Vekh Ke Sarhde Ne.. Yaar Taa Ohi Hunde Ne Jehre Aayi Te Khad De Ne

Sohne Haa Jaa Nahi Eh Taan Rabb Jaanda Ae…Par Dil De Change Aa Saara Jag Jaanda…

Shaunk Awalle Dil De Kalle.. Chaska Nahi O Naara Da…Ek Sahaara Rabb Da Dooja Rabb Warge Yaara Da..

Beeme Waangu Life Time Naal Rehnge China Made Rakhe Ni Group Yaar NE…

Shareef Taan Assi Bachpan Ton Hi Si …Par Ki Kariye Dil Todna Kudiyan Ne Sikhaya

Te Haddiyan Todniyan Yaaran Ne….

Kudi Mangdi Duawan Uth Tadke Lekhan Wich jATT Nu Likhwaun De Layi…

Ki Samjhe Tu Kimat Hanju Khaareya Di…Yaari Changi Hundi Chand Naalo Taareya Di…

Tere Naalon Change Menu Yaar Goriye…Ek Bol Ute Den jAAN Vaar Goriye…

Fikar Nahi Rehnda Maut Da Je Yaar Dogla Naa Hove ..Malak Digan Nahi Dinda Je Guddi Chaddi Da Hankaar Naa Hove..

Mere Warge Taan Lakha Mil Jaane Ne Par Unha Lakha Ch Mere Wargna Nahi Labhna Tenu…

Jinha Kolo Sikhi Diyan Game Aa Pauniya Put Unha Naal Kade Match Nahi Laayi De…

Yaaran Nu V Rakha Top Te Tere Layi V Pyaar Sachha Ae…

Uddon Honsle Hi Bade Ne Jadon Yaar Naal Khade Ne….

Rabb Nu Hi Pata Kal Da Sukh Naal Time Haje Sirra Chalda….

Paani Ch Madhaani Udon Paunde Ne Jithe Akla Di Lod Hundi Aa…Uthe Dawaayi Kamm Ni Kardi Jithe Duawa Di Lod Hundi Aa

Saadi Veliya De Waangu Tedi Jhaakni Par Samjhi Naa Dil De Kharaab Ni..

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Kaim punjabi Status | download kaim punjabi whatsapp status

Punjabi gadar status for Whatsapp

Shikyatan Taan Bahut Ne Jindgiye Tere Ton Par Jo Tu Dita Oh Bahuta Nu  Naseeb V Nahi…


Jo Dukh Mile Oh Imtehaan Mera…Jo Sukh Mile Oh Daata Aashirwaad Tera…


Raaji Naame Waali Ni Gal Karni….Panga Pe Gaya Taan Gal Sirre Chaad Diyaange,


Desi Katte Warga Wajood Rakhi Da….Jadon Chal Paye Taan Banda Hi Khilaar Deyaange….


Rang Da Brown Munda Nature Da Cool Ae…Takk Da Ni Mudke Eh Pehla To Hi Rule Aa…


Kalli Kalli Sochan Wich Paayi Hoyi Aa…Khush Rehnda Bada

Kudiyan Sochdiyan ? Khore Kehri Hoor Tikaayi Hoyi Aa..


Aukaat Ton Baahar Naa Chal Vairiya…Koi Kisse Naalo Ghat Nahi Hunda


Jithon Tu Uth Riha Oh Mehfil Saade Naal Hi Hundi Aa…


Vekh Ke Husan Naar Da Kade Nahi O Dhuli Da…Rabb Te Aukaat Nu Kade Nahi O Bhuli Da..


Att De Shaukeen Naale Dil De Rangeen…Maada Changa Nahi O Kisse Nu Boli Da..


Ni Tu Sohniye Trenda Waangu Jaave Badli…Ni Assi Nike De Brand Waangu Uthe Hi Aa..


Uchiyan Ne Gallan Tere Yaar Diyan..


Sab Ne 12 Mahine Aa Baad Saal Badal Da Dekheya…Main Taan Pal Pal Baad Insaan Badal De Dekhe Aa…


Shareef Jehe Bande Aa Naa Kisse Naal Larhde Aa …Naa Hi Kisse Ton Dar De Aa..


Ni Uton Uton Rehnda Tera Yaar Hasda Andron Ta Jal Ke Sawaah Ho Gaya…


Baazi Shuru Hon De Khel Bana Denge…Jad Maidaan Wich Aa Gaye Taan Rail Bana Dawaange…


Saadi Jindgi V Panchiyan Wargi Aa..Din Charh De Hi Kamm Nu Tur Jaande Aa


Kaash Ki Tu Suna Paunda Siskiyan Meriyan..Uchi Uchi Rona Taan Menu Aaj V Nahi Aaunda


Tu Kahaani De Parde Te Hi Changi Lagdi Ae Jindgi…Jadon Tak Teri Haqiqat Dekhi Nahi Jaandi


Aashqan Nu Tanhayi Wich Maarna Koi Hanere Ton Sikhe..Akhan Wich Aakhan Paa Ke Jhuth Bolna Koi Tere Ton Sikhe.


Anakh Ton Bina Ki Jeona Jag Te…Khore Fer Aauna Ke Nahi Aauna Jag te..


Piche  Mudna Sikheya Nahi…Waheguru Aap Hi Raasta Wakhayi Jaanda…


Hundi Aa Jawaani Rail Wargi…Saukhi Nahi Lagdi Break Balleya…


Kehndi Tera Dil Tod Ke Kisse Nu Khush Nahi Rakh Sakdi….Main Kiha Kudi Aa Biba

Ki Kujh Nahi Kar Sakdi..


Bhed Koi Nahi Paa Sakda Bhai Koi Rabb De Ranga Da.. Ki Pata Kad Daana Paani Muk Jaana Oye Yaar Malanga Da..


Jehre Kehnde Tere Palle Kakh Nahi…Badi Meharbaani Ohna Wadde Saahukaara Di..


Jit Laindi Si Gallan Chaar Karke…Kamla Jeha Ho Gaya Si Ohnu Pyaar Karke..


Tenu Pata Ni Lagda Ke Mera Tere Bina Dil Nahi Lagda


Jadon Doobde Bande Nu Udd Da Lok Vekh Lain Taan Takleef Hona Laazmi Aa


Jameen Banjar Te Aulaad Kanjar Rabb Kisse NU Naa Deve


Kismat Ban Di Nai Banauni Paindi Aa…Duniya Tikdi Nahi Takauni Paindi Aa


Waqat Sikha Hi Denda Ae Jeen Da Hunar..Fer Ki Umeeda..Ki Ehsaas Te Ki Lakeera..


Hamesha Ohi Deeve Hathaan Nu Saad Dende Ne Jinha Nu Assi Hawa Ton Bacha Ke Rakhde Aa


Niyat Saaf Te Maksad Sahi Hove Taan Rabb Kisse Na Kisse Roop Ch Aa Ke Madad Jarur Karda Ae


Ek Vaari Je Thokar Lag Je Taan Hoyi Naa Gamgin Jiha…Agli Vaari Turi Ous Ton Vadh Yakeen Jiha


Kujh Le Rahi Aa Te Kujh Dhal Rahi Aa Bas Eda Hi Jindgi Chal Rahi Aa


Lekha Vich Hoyea Taan Jarur Milange Ni Aahi Jaandi Vaari Kehna C


Jaa Taan Badnaam Aadmi Mashoor Hunda Ae..Jaa Fir Mashoor Aadmi Badnaam Hunda Ae..


Insaan Sab Kujh Copy Paste Kar Sakda Ae…Par Kismat Te Naseeb Nahi


Koi V Sakhat Dil Laike Nahi Jamda…Ae Duniya Aale Narmi Kho Lainde Ne


Badal Diya Cheejan Hamesha Hi Changi Lagdiya Ne…Bas Badal De Aapne Hi Changge Nahi Lagde…


Likhda Kujh Aisa Tere Dil Nu Chhoo Jaave…Haaye parhde Hi Parhde Tu Mera Ho Jaave


Insaniyat Da Arth Oh Kithe Samjhde Ne Jinha De Kirdaar Uche Te Kam Luche Ne


Main Hathaan Diyan Lakira Te Nahi Apne Honsle Te Vishwas Rakhda Haan


Bebe Baapu De Hath Fadke Rakho Lokan De Pair Fadn Di Lod Nahi Pawegi


Risk Hamesha Wadda Lawo…Je Jit Gaye Taan Kaptaan Banoge Haar Gaye  Taan Salaahkaar


So I hope that you have enjoyed this collection of Punjabi gadar status for facebook that I have shared Punjabi Kaim status on my this blog. I also share all statuses like this on my blog daily so keep visiting my blog for other statuses updates. Also share these statuses on Facebook, Instagram, and google plus

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Punjabi Status

Whatsapp Status in Punjabi | download punjabi whatsapp status 2019




Punjabi Status for Whatsapp

Punjabi sad status 2 lines is a worldwide famous collection that people search on google. People want status in the Punjabi language so that’s why today I am sharing a big collection of Punjabi status for our Punjabi community. These are the new Punjabi status for Whatsapp that you are looking for. So friends check these Punjabi WhatsApp statuses and share these statuses with your friends and also share these statuses on social media accounts like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. I hope you have enjoyed this collection of status Punjabi. Thanks for visiting my this site.


punjabi status for whatsapp 2 lines

Punjabi Status For WhatsApp In Punjabi

Manjla Nu Paun Layi Honsle Buland Rakho, Ek Vaar Haarn Naal Koi Fakeer Nahi Ban Jaanda

      Te Ek Vaar Jitan Naal Koi Sikander Nahi Ban Jaanda


                   Ki Tera Mera Karda Ae…Eh Taa Ohda Ae…Assi Taa Khidone Aa Khel Taa Ohda Ae…

                  Jagah Jagah Te Lagiya Jo Menu Thokra.. Sadda Hi Karaa Taarif Ohna Thokran Di…

                  Jinha Menu Turna Sikhaya…

Duniya Wich Jhuthe Lokaan Nu Bahut Hunar Aaunde Ne…

Sachhe Lok Taan Aaaropan Naal Hi Mar Jaande Ne…


Saare Gille Shiukwe Mita Ke Soya Karo…Suneya Ae Maut Kade Mulaqaat Da Mauka Nahi Dendi..

        Sirre De Statuses Daa Chalda Zamaana Ni…Holi Holi Howega Shehar Tera…Mere                Naa Daa Deewana Ni…

                Aakhaan Thakk Gayi Aa Takdiyaan Raahan Nu… Pardesiyan Nu Kad Milan Maawan…


                Jadon Marji Wart Liya Teri Tajori Daa Sona Nahi…Ae Dil Aa Mera Kamliye Koi Khidona Nahi…

          Kujh Lok Sochde Aa Ki Oh Sab Kujh Jaande Aa…Par Eh Nahi Jaande Ki Chup Kad                Hona

          Tu Ehna Maan V Naa Kar Apni Jeet Te…Teri Jit To Jyaada Charche Meri Haar De                Honge…

                Eh Chalaakiyan Kithon Mildiya Ne Koi Menu V Dass Deyo.. Har Koi Thug Lainda Thoda Jeha Miutha Bol Ke…

Saflta Duniya Nu Tuhaadi Pehchaan Karwaundi Aa…Te Asaflta Tuhanu Duniya Di Pehchaan Karwaundi Aa..

Honsle Pahaad Uton Yaar Jigri…Kade Naa Manaayi Ae Naar Vigri…

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Attitude Whatsapp Status in Punjabi

Punjabis are worldwide famous for their joyuos attitude and swaggy lifestyle , They are so open minded and spirited that having them around you charged and feel energetic which is a boon . Punjabi music which is famous for its funky lyrics and upbeat music . Punjabi attitude is something which lacks in most of us as they are super hard working and always show positive intent towards each and every work that they do and that is the main reason why they are so successful not only in India but also in abroad . Punjabi attitude carrys so much swag and style with it that no other can match that style and swag , just visit chandigarh and Amirtsar to see so much attitude there is the  in colleges and universities.

The fearless attitude and their generous behaviour is the main reason why they are loved in the foriegn countries and they are present in a large in countries like United Kingdom and Canada , even in canada the second official language after english is punjabi language due a large number of punjabis present over there and in UK also Southhall is the area where only punjabis live in a large number and also part of high official rank in their government .

For hardcore punjabi and their followers here you will get wide collection of punjabi attitude whatsapp status :

“Chehra ‪‎khaas‬ ni!.. 12 v ‪‎paas‬ ni!.. Munda ‪shikari‬ banda…

Hath per ghadi koyi bhi Bani hoye….  per waqt apna hona chahiye da hai”

WHATSAPP Wali Ho ke , Tu Hun Bhul gyi FB Wale Yaaran Nu__??

Dil Te Lagi Sat da Te Vigde Hoye Sau JAtt da . . Beeba Ilaaz Koi Na..!! “


          Bss 2 Cheeza Hi Changiya Lagiya IKk Tu tE Ik TeRa SatH ,,


          Na chhuri rakde ha,or  Na pistol rakhde ha, DILWALO da beta hu bas dil wich jigar rakhda hu!…


Eh Duniya Badi Hi Kutti Ae, Raj Ohi Krda Jihde Hath Jutti Ae


    Hum ‘Kimat’ nal nHi ‘Kismat’ Nal Milde Haa….

Umar che to apa chota ha per Bade-Bade Aashiq sanu salam thokde Ne…


  Mera Attitude is “GoD” gift and koi be Is ne mere to lai Nahi sakda..


Jatt da ‪‎dmag‬ te pind de ‪jwak‬, je vigad jan ta ‪‎bhot‬ made ‪‎hunde‬ aa..??


Mera Attitude Dosre de behaivor te Depend karda hai…

Whatsapp Punjabi Gadar Status

Punjabis are the most fun loving people with lot of style and a dapper personaltiy and a punjabi women is equally charming as a punjabi man with a thick beard and moustache. Whatsapp punjabi gadar status are for those who love and widely inspire the punjabi lives and their living . Punjabi bhangra is the most loved dance form which people love to dance and loved the bhangra vibe which is there in the punjabi songs which forces even a non dancer to shake their leg on the songs , bhangra has now become such a universal dance that it does not matter wheather you are a punjabi or not you will definetly be knowing the basic bhangra steps and hit bhangra anthems.

Here there  is whole new collection of punjabi gadar status for whatsappp :

Log sade to jal rahe han.. Lagda hai apne sikke bhe Is seher wich chal rahe ne..

Desi Jatt c brandy ho gya, Tere piche lag ke trendy ho gya..

So jande ne jad saare ,Akh khul jaldi aw meri,,,Bhull k jagg nu saare,Ohdo hnere ch bas yaad aundi aw teri.

Wari Warsi Khattan Geya C Khat K Leyandi Roon,, Thodi Thodi Mein vigdi Bht Vigad Gya Tu!!

Ki Waffa Milni ohna ton…. Jo Kud Bewaffa ne

Ghaint Sardar Mera Sohna Rabb Ton,,Punia Krawa Sukha Manga Rabb Ton..

Jo Assar Hai Akh Di Maar Ander, Oh na teer te na talwaar ander.

Punjabi video status for WhatsApp

Punjabi music and their music videos are always grand as their lifestyle and show cases some rare exotic loactions with a number of sports car and models with heavy bgm in the background perfect recipe for a punjabi dance banger. Punjabi music videos were made so grand that bollywood started to feature their music video material in their films and punjabi music video directors started getting offers to direct bollywood songs which got special feature in the films some directors such as Directorgifty and Arvindr Khaira worked with many leading bollywood labels such as T series and Sony music India .

A lot of money is spend while making a music video in punjab which was few times back was not in trend and them punjabi music brought this concept of making videos such  grand and give it a internatioanl feel , In 2012 Honey singh’s song Brown Rang when released it was the one of the most expensive videos in india featuring exotic loactions in Dubai with honey driving a porsche and glimpse of Burj Khalifa the video was instantly viral and became the no. 1 video in India in 2012.

Here are some popular punjabi video status for whatsapp :






Punjabi Whatsapp Status Sad

Punajbi Sad Status are very popular among the young social media users as a lot of youth is inclined towards posting and sharing sad punjabi status as they are very witty and well written and some of the punjabi shayars Shayari are very well known by the general public such Jaani , Nirmaan and Happy Raikoti .

Punjabi sad songs are also shared by a number of people as their whatsapp status and enjoyed there are many videos floating on the internet with the punjabi sad song and shayaris :

A collection of Punjabi whatsapp Status Sad :

Main jindagi vechi meri rabb nu
Teri ek muskaan khatir
Tu aaya ik din apna jameer vech ke


Meri badi ajeeb kahani aa
Ek raja te do rani aa
Main kihde naal nibhani aa
Allah khair kare Jaani ve

Main kamla oh seyani aa
Mere karke ne mar jani aa
Mainu maut gandi aani
Allah khair kare


Meri zindagi ki zindagi tabahi ae
Meri zindagi ki zindagi tabahi ae
Kisey hor naal sutte aan, yaad teri aayi ae
Kisey hor naal sutte aan, yaad teri aayi ae


Main rovaan mainu ron ni dindi
Meri shayari mainu saun ni dindi
Main rovaan mainu ron ni dindi
Meri shayari mainu saun ni dindi

Main koshish karda ohnu bhul jaawan
Mohabbat ohdi hon ni dindi
Meri shayari mainu saun ni dindi

Punjabi Whatsapp Status Sad

Punjabi Whatsapp Status for Download

Download punjabi status for whatsapp and make your friends and family feel the vibe of punjabi style and swag there diiferent types of punajbi whatsapp status you can use to post on your whatsapp . There are many punjabi songs which you can post as your whathsapp and punjabi shayaris like punjabi sad shayari or punjabi love shayaris and love quotes in punjabi . The punjabi itself has a very different flavour catches the attention of the listener or reader .

Punjabi food cuisine is very popular and delicious some of the traditional punjabi dishes which are now on the global menu include Sarson ka Saag with Makke di roti , chole bhature and the world famous butter chicken . The vibrant colorfull festival of punjabi also gives a very possitve energy and makes everyone feel energetic .

Collection of Punjabi Whatsapp Status for download :

Oh Mere Adhure Gitaan Nu,
Hae Ni Pahichana Dendi Tu,
Ho Main Masiha Tere Piḍa Da Ni,
Main Asaka Tere Piḍa Da Ni,
Main Gumnaama Ha Tere Piḍa Da Ni,
Mainu Nama Dendi Tu.


Meri Kisi Gal Te Naraj Na Hovi,
Akhian Nu Hanjua Nal Na Dhovi,
Mildi Ae Khushi Tenu Hasde Dekh Ke.
Sanu Maut Vi Aa Jave Ta Vi Na Rovi.

Menu Mili Judai Ta Main Ki Kara,
Na Menu Mahobaat Ras Ayi Ta Main Ki Kara,
Na Menu Umeed Hun Jeun Di,
Je Maut Bhi Na Aayi Ta Main Ki Kara.


Ik Kadam Puteya Ta Duje Da Fikar Ae,
Zindagi Kuj Es Tara De Vaadian Da Safar Ae,
Parda-Parda So Gaya Si Yaara Tu Jehri Kitab,
Aakri Saffe Ute Shayad Mera Hi Jikar Ae.

Dil Karda Ae Tere Kol Aa Ke Ruk Jaava,
Teri Bukkal Wich Rakh Ke Sir Muk Jaava.
Hanju Ban Ke Digga Teriya Aakhaa Da,
Tere Bulla De Kol Aa Ke Sukk Jaava.


Ishq Vich Bhijna Koyi Khel Nahi Hunda,
Bina Bhijeya Rooha Da Mel Nahi Hunda,
Mel Ho Je Ta Eh Juda Nahi Hunda,
Ishq Rab Hai Ishq Da Koi Khuda Nahi Hunda.

Ishq Ishq Ta Har Koi Karde,
Par Koyi Channa Wich Kudan Nu Tyar Nahi,
Ki Kahiye Ajj Kal De Jhuthe Aashiqa Nu,
Dil De Sakde Ne Par Jaan Nahi.


Fer Din Howega Tere Ishq Warga,
Fer Teri Shakal Howegi Phulla Wargi.

Main Banke Bhawra Aaya Karanga,
Teri Najuk Pattiya De Utte Be Jaaya Karanga.

Na Luka Sakenga Tu Maitho Rass Apna,
Usnu Amrit Wang Main Pee Jaaya Karanga.


Punjabi Whatsapp Status for Download

Whatsapp Status in Punjabi Funny

Punajabi film funny scenes and punjabi comedians such kapil sharma and kiku sharda are very famous on whatsapp for mini clips that includes mind blowing comedy and funny jokes , Punjabi Jokes are quite popular and tik tok punjabi videos that are made with indulge humour in it are getting a massive response from the public .

Download and share Whatsapp Status in Funny :

punjabi whatsapp status funny

Punjabi status sardari 

Sardari Swag is one which you cannot deny that a punjabi in turban looks so dapper and his attitude is something to watch out for , a collection of punjabi status sardari is given below to show and share your freinds what it feels to carry so much swag that a punjabi person carries that now swag has become synonym with punjabis .

whatsapp sardari


Asi Maut Nu Bhi Jiuna Sikha Devange,
Bujhi Jo Shama Ta Ohanu Bhi Jala Devange,
Soh Rab Di Jis Din Javange Duniya To,
Ik Vari Ta Jarur Tanu Bhi Rulla Devange.

Maut Te Vi Sannu Yakeen,
Unna Te Vi Aitbaar Ae,
Dekho Pehle Kaun Aaye,
Dona Da Intezaar Ae.


Meri Kisi Gal Te Naraj Na Hovi,
Akhian Nu Hanjua Nal Na Dhovi,
Mildi Ae Khushi Tenu Hasde Dekh Ke.
Sanu Maut Vi Aa Jave Ta Vi Na Rovi.

Menu Mili Judai Ta Main Ki Kara,
Na Menu Mahobaat Ras Ayi Ta Main Ki Kara,
Na Menu Umeed Hun Jeun Di,
Je Maut Bhi Na Aayi Ta Main Ki Kara.

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