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Yo Yo Honey Singh Gur Nalo Ishq mitha 2019 Remix | WhatsApp Status



Yo Yo Honey Singh Gur Nal Ishq Mitha 2019

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Yo-Yo Honey Singh is back yet again to dazzle the audience. Four days ago, Yo Yo Honey Singh released a song in collaboration with Malkit Singh, which has been a 90’s hit, Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha. The song is a revised version of an old Punjabi classic, which is made in the Yo Yo Honey Singh style.

This song in all its version has always received a cult status amongst the audiences. Honey Singh is an iconic and popular name in the music and film fraternity. He has always managed to make audiences dance to his tune. His songs represent youth in the modern millennium. Honey Singh has added a Bhangra flavor to Iconic Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha.

In an era of remixes where every old song is being tailored again, Gur Naal Ishq Mitha has joined the list recently. The song is trending on all digital platforms and hence the new party anthem of the party.

Yo Yo Honey Singh Gur Nal Ishq Mitha WhatsApp Status

The track is being popular on WhatsApp videos, status, and many other social media platforms. Gur Nal Ishq Mitha is an unquestionably groom worthy Punjabi hit.

Undoing an old tune and adding a new dimension to a song is a remix but making it as pleasing as the original track is the audacity Honey Singh is blessed with. The song is twisted with the Bhangra version which differentiates it with the original version yet being amazingly refreshing to hear and shake a leg. The song within a few days of release has revived a wave of positivity and is widely being promoted on various channels. Whatsapp provides us a medium to reach our friends and family within a few clicks.

The song posts its release has garnered 13 million views on YouTube. Within a short span, the track is winning hearts of audiences all across the nation. In today’s era digitization has opened many gateways to watch one’s favorite hits on other platforms besides YouTube. The versatile nature of Social media helps us fill with enthusiasm by acting as a platform to stay updated on the trendy track.

Whatsapp status is one of them. Whatsapp video song is all one needs to drive Monday morning blues, fill Sundays with smiles and Tuesdays with good thoughts. One can upload and relish the music for 24 hours and can enjoy with one’s family. The song adds to the fun vibe. Striking the right cord the song has created the storm on all platforms including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook status. Honey Singh has always managed to make the fan go gaga over his songs. The track is currently trending No.1 on YouTube. Many other choreographical version is being performed on the above track on tik tok. People share tik tok videos on WhatsApp status. Yo-Yo Honey Singh has conquered the Indian Music Industry with his exceptional music and inimitable style. With this yet another recreation, he has not left his fans disappointed. The world is swooning over Yo Yo’s work. Gur Nalo Ishq Mitha is a perfect combination of a beat, rhythm, and grace.

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