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Punjabi Ringtone whatsapp status 2020

Punjabi Ringtone whatsapp status 2019

The Indian music scene has become as diverse as it could ever be in recent times. Earlier, regional music used to be confined to people of a particular state but nowadays, that has changed. People have started taking interest in all kinds of music they can get their hands on. Such a perfect example is Punjabi music and it is Punjabi Ringtone Whatsapp status 2020

Punjabi songs have dominated people’s hearts forever. People from all parts of the country and abroad have developed a taste in those funky, catchy and melodious songs, thanks to the rise of new Punjabi artists almost every day. Good music does help even the smallest artists rise up to fame. Some artists associated with Bollywood have been the mainstream names in the industry for a long time. Classic examples are Mika Singh, Sukhwinder Singh, and the likes.Punjabi Ringtone whatsapp status 2019

But Punjabi Music has also recently started to roll out with flavors of hip-hop, rap, and other genres as well. Badshah, who is the face of Indian mainstream hip-hop was one of the major influencers in this scene. He has carved a niche in the industry with his extremely popular tracks which people seem to follow a lot these days.

Artists like Diljit Dosanjh and Guru Randhawa have also made names for themselves with their unique kind of music and are beloved not just in Punjab, but all over the world. This is only valid for a lot of their fans listening to their music and devotedly following their new releases on the block. This has also led to an increase in people setting their favorite songs as Punjabi Ringtone WhatsApp status.

Punjabi Ringtone WhatsApp status have gained insane popularity with people sharing the music with each other constantly in the form of Whatsapp statuses. From Honey Singh to the lesser-known artists, they have all gained a massive reputation thanks to their music and their unique styles, appealing to crowds broader than ever.

Punjabi Ringtone whatsapp status 2019

Their music is shared as Punjabi Ringtone Whatsapp status and more and more people seem to be attracted to Punjabi music, now more than ever. The signature elements of the mainstream artists which mention fancy cars, attractive women, blazing success and whatnot in the form of their music. This kind of Punjabi music is immensely preferred in social events like weddings, parties, and whatnot.

These elements might seem to be a bit hyped or maybe shallow to a few, but that definitely hasn’t stopped a lot of people curating those songs and sharing them in the form of Whatsapp statuses and Punjabi ringtones.

A lot of the signature songs of some artists that have been released years ago still never seem to go out of the cycle with old songs like “Bolo Ta Ra Ra” by Daler Mehndi or “Oh ho ho ho” by Sukhbir are still beloved by a massive number. These are just a few examples amongst others that are insanely popular still today and are used as Punjabi Ringtone WhatsApp status.

Punjabi Ringtone whatsapp status 2019

Punjabi music has a certain vibe and an immense amount of energy to pump up people from almost all age groups, be it small children or be it the senior citizens. Whatsapp statuses have lately been a medium to share a lot of media, Punjabi ringtones and music being among them as well, which ensures that even the oldest of songs and music is remembered for ages to come and the young generation is also very fond of such kind of music. They are the major contributors to the flow of Punjabi ringtones as whatsapp statuses in the recent times and the vibe laid out by Punjabi music is never expected to die down, let alone, go out of fashion.

Some of the Famous Punjabi Ringtone Whatsapp status 2020:


3 peg

High Rated Gabru

Gaal Ni Kadni

Brown Rang


Raat di gedi

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