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Hi, Guys Today’s post is all about new whatsapp sms  for people who use whatsapp a lot. You can share these whatsapp status love on whatsapp to someone who loves you too much. These WhatsApp smses are totally based on love for your lovers. Like and share these statuses on social media account to show your love. Thanks For visit again. Check these statuses below and share.

whatsapp sms In English
whatsapp sms In English

Whatsapp SMS Collection


There Is Always Someone Who Cares For You Without Any Reason.


I Promise I Will Never Leave You Alone…


Never Play Someone’s Feelings Just Because You Are Unsure Of Your Own


Never Choose Me Without Understanding And Never Loose Me Without Misunderstanding.


I May Be Wrong Sometime Somewhere But Not Every time Everywhere..


I Want You To Be With Me Only Two Times In My Life

1st Now And 2nd Forever..


Sometimes Its Better To Be Alone Nobody Can’t Hurt You…


I Miss You….Nobody Will Ever Replace You In My Heart…


You’ll Always Have A Special Place In My Heart No Matter How Much You Have Hurt Me..


You Always Have The Choice To Be Happy. Learn To Understand The Purpose Of Bumps


In The Road , Grow From Them And Stay Positive.


The Hardest Part Is Waking Up In The Morning. Remembering What  You Were Trying To Forget Last Night…


8 Billion People In The World…And He’s The Only One I Want…


Everyone Leaves Me Alone…


I Am Not Special I Am Just A Limited Edition…


Sadness Is Being Rude To Your Mom And Realizing It Later..


A Beautiful Feeling When Someone Tells You, I Wish I Knew Earlier.


When A Girl Is In Love, You Can You Can See It In Her Smile. When A Boy Is In Love, You Can See In His Eyes.


Date A Guy With A Planned Future. Not A Guy With An Instagram Swag…



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Kissing You Baby Is My Dream….If I Am Strawberry You Are The Cream

Slowly And Gently I Kiss You…And You Simply Melt And Fulfill My Dreams.


You Deserve To Be With Somebody Who Makes You Happy. Somebody Who Does Not

Complicate Your Life. Somebody Who Won’t Hurt You.


If Another Girl Steal Your Man. There Is No Better Revenge Then Letting Her Keep Him. Real Man Can’t Be Stolen.


If Someone In Your Life Makes  You To Forgot Your Past, Then That Someone is Probably Your Future.


Every women Is Beautiful, It Just Take The Right Man To See It..


Live With A Heart Full Of Love And Eyes Full Of Purity. Always Monitor Your Inner Self and Trust God.


If You See The World With The  Vision Of Love, You Will Find Everything So Beautiful And Meaningful.


Cute Relationship…When Someone Is Angry And Says I Will Never Talk To You. And Later Comes Back To You To Just Inform You I Am Still Angry..


A Single Moment Of Misunderstanding  Is So Poisonous That It Makes Us Forget The Hundreds Of Love able  Moments We Have Spent Together Within A Moment.


A Real Man  Only Lies To His Women When He Is Surprising Her…


Love Is Not About Age Or Size..


Boys Loves You Because They Need You. Men Need You Because They Love You.


You Are The Only Person That I Can Say I Love You To And Mean It With All My Heart.


If Life Is Rainbow, You Are Different Type Of Colors And If Life Is Dark Then You Are The Hope  Of Light.


Someday When Page Of My Life End. I Know That   You Will Be One Of Its Most Beautiful Chapter Of My Life.


To Happy, We Must Not Be Too Concerned With Others…


The world is beautiful outside when there is stability inside.


Don’t  Choose The One Who Is Beautiful, Choose The One Who Makes Your World Beautiful.


We Fall In Love By Chance But We Stay In Love By  Choice..


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