Romantic whatsapp status | Beautiful love status download 2019


Romantic whatsapp status

romantic whatsapp status

Love is in the air with people expressing their feelings for their counterparts or better halves. Couples out there these days leave no stone unturned to let the world know how much they love each other or care about each other. They are unapologetic and fearless, which is the best part. Young couples or even those who have been married for long are among the ones who are seen to be pretty active on social media like facebook or instagram or whatsapp for that fact, to share their emotions and feelings about their loved ones with the world , share Romantic whatsapp status with your soulmate .


This is where romantic whatsapp statuses play their role in helping these people or couples to express their love and affection for their better halves with their friends and relatives. These romantic whatsapp statuses usually include some short poems, or as we Indians know as shaayri, or dialogues from some renowned films, or pieces from the most famous love songs quoted by great musicians or artists. These romantic whatsapp statuses often have some romantic messages or texts along with a lot of heart emojis for people to show the world how much they are in love with their partners.

A few very often seen quotes seen on people’s romantic whatsapp statuses include the following “Once, I Talk To You, Nothing Else Matters”, “True Loves Never Dies, It Only Gets Stronger”, “I Think Our Love Can Do Anything We Want It To”, “You’re That Someone, I Never Expected To Fall For”, “I Never Wish To Be Parted From You From This Day On”, “You Are My Heart And Soul. I Will Love You Forever Long”, “From The First Day I Saw You. You Had Me, I Was Yours”,  “With You, I Forget All My Stress. With You, I Feel My Best”, “When I Talk To You The Rest Of The Word Suddenly Fades Away”, “A Hundred Hearts Would Be Too Few To Carry All My Love For You”, “I Wish You To Know That You Have Been The Last Dream Of My Soul”.

As cliched these quotes might sound, these are the ones which are the most popular among the couples out there today.

romantic whatsapp status

Also on the internet are lots of video status romantic messages for whatsapp. These are ones with the typical boy and girl romancing each other, with the boy falling on his knees in front of the girl in front of the whole wide world to let her know how much he loves her and so on. A lot of bollywood or tollywood song scenes are also often used for this very purpose, representing this act of love and has been widely used by a lot of young couples these days and also by folks who have been happily married for long time.


A lot of these romantic video whatsapp statuses also consists of stills or short scenes from the old romantic movies that have been in the industry and a hit in people’s hearts equally. A lot of these are ones potraying our biggest and most popular stars of all times, from their superhit movies, which set the benchmarks for the level of romance, the chemistry two people in love can have for each other, and there is no other reason that such stills or scenes are so wildly popular and used so extensively as romantic video whatsapp status.

In this fast moving world where people have become more outrageous, braver than ever in terms of expressing their true feelings, their love for heir partners, it is only natural that a medium like whatsapp, with its disappearing story feature inspired by the likes of instagram and snapchat is pushing more and more people, couples to be unapologetic and fearless, and use the romantic whatsapp status as a symbol of love and care for each other. This has led to a rise in the number of traditional, heart warming quotes or dialogues or verses from your favourite love songs to be revisited and used so extensively in today’s world as romantic whatsapp statuses.

Romantic status for girlfriend :

Not only are you super smart, you are also so sexy and have an amazing heart. Those are a few of the things that I love the most of you.

Your smile, your heart, your embrace, your love has touched my heart in so many ways.

Because of you I like the person I am becoming. Thank you for making me a better version of myself.

I need you, I want you, I like you, I love you.

Romantic status for girlfriend

You are not an option, you are my priority, you don’t come in second, you always come first.

The best part of being your boyfriend is that I get to walk with you in the street and be proud.

Because of you my life has changed for the better and I cannot wait to see how many more exciting things are still in store for you and I.

Romantic status for girlfriend

Diamonds, stars, rubies and gold don’t compare to your beauty and preciousness. You are such a treasure, such a girlfriend.

You’re the part of my life that I always needed, wanted and loved.

here’s a space for you in my future in case you want to be in it forever.

Sugar is not as sweet compared to your incredible hugs and kisses.

I am not a good sharer because you are all mine. I don’t share you.

Romantic status for boyfriend :

You are my everything. I love you today and always.

Hold my hand, hold my heart, and hold me forever. I love you.

It’s been said that you only truly fall in love once, but I don’t believe it. Every time I see you, I fall in love all over again!

I love that we can be silly together. I love it that you treat me so well. I love spending time with you. I love you babe!

Romantic status for boyfriend

You put a twinkle in my eye, butterflies in my stomach, and you bring love into my heart.

I think I’m falling in love with you. You are such an incredible person.

I wish there were words to express how much I love and adore you.

Let’s be weird and wonderful together.

Romantic status for boyfriend

Love is being stupid together. Which basically sums up our relationship! Love you lots!

From the first day I saw you, you had me. I was yours.

Thank you for your sweet, sweet love. You’ll never truly know just how happy you make me and how much I love you so.

Romantic whatsapp status download :

Romantic whatsapp status download.

Beautiful love status :

दिल की धड़कन और मेरी सदा है तू,
मेरी पहली और आखिरी वफ़ा है तू,
चाहा है तुझे चाहत से भी बढ़ कर,
मेरी चाहत और चाहत की इंतिहा है तू।

Ai Shakhs Tera Saath Mujhe Har Shakl Mein Manzoor Hai,
Yaadein Hon Ke Khushboo Ho, Yakeen Ho Ke Gumaan Ho.
ऐ शख्स तेरा साथ मुझे हर शक्ल में मंज़ूर है,
यादें हों कि खुशबू हो, यक़ीं हो कि ग़ुमान हो।


तुम मिल गए तो मुझ से नाराज है खुदा,
कहता है कि तू अब कुछ माँगता नहीं है।


Kuchh Yun Utar Gaye Ho Rag-Rag Mein Tum,
Ke Khud Se Pahle Ahsaas Tumhara Hota Hai.
कुछ यूँ उतर गए हो मेरी रग-रग में तुम,
कि खुद से पहले एहसास तुम्हारा होता है।

लत तेरी ही लगी है, नशा सरेआम होगा,
हर लम्हा जिंदगी का सिर्फ तेरे नाम होगा।


ख्वाहिश तो थी मिलने की
पर कभी कोशिश नहीं की,
सोचा जब खुदा माना है उसको
तो बिन देखे ही पूजेंगे।


Marna Bhi Mushkil Jis Shakhs Ke Wagair,
Uss Shakhs Ne Khwabon Mein Bhi Aana Chhod Diya.
मरना भी मुश्किल है जिस शख्श के वगैर,
उस शख्स ने ख्वाबों में भी आना छोड़ दिया​।

Beautiful love status

Kitabein Bhi Bilkul Meri Tarah Hain,
Alfaz Se Bharpur Magar Khamosh.
किताबें भी बिल्कुल मेरी तरह हैं
अल्फ़ाज़ से भरपूर मगर खामोश


जिंदगी बड़ी अजीब सी हो गयी है,
जो मुसाफिर थे वो रास नहीं आये,
जिन्हें चाहा वो साथ नहीं आये।

Gumnaami Ka Andhera Kuchh Iss Tarah Chha Gaya Hai,
Ke Daastan Ban Ke Jeena Bhi Humein Raas Aa Gaya Hai.
गुमनामी का अँधेरा कुछ इस तरह छा गया है,
कि दास्ताँ बन के जीना भी हमें रास आ गया है।

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